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Ideas for Marble Tile Floor Patterns

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-29
When investing in a luxurious, highFinish with such a marble tile and it\'s worth taking the time to pick the tile floor pattern you like in the next few years.Investigate your home\'s current decor to determine which marble tile floor pattern is best for your style.For example, a smooth white surface with clear linesThe stainless steel fixtures are paired with a minimalist pattern, while the rough wood beams and hand-made copper hardware align with the more rustic flooring.Choose a room with large furniture that does not cover up the marble tile floor, or it is unlikely that acid spills that can damage the stone will occur frequently.Marble Tiles have inherent bold lines that add drama and visual interest through complex layout patterns without the need for additional decoration.Use marble tiles on a smooth finish with clear edges and thin seams for a stylish modern floor.In order to bring the appearance to a solid flat surface, arrange large marble tiles in a simple, straight pattern, and align the venous lines between tiles as much as possible.Select the grouting material that matches the main color of the marble to minimize the appearance of the seam.White Carrara marble, with fine gray textured patterns, adds a delicate, timeless style to rectangular or square tiles in traditional floor patterns, such as straight, staggered bricks or diagonal lines.For a delicate and elegant look, use small rectangular marble tiles with a faint texture in the herringbone floor pattern.Or, install two slightly different shades of gray marble tiles for a low-key board design.To balance the cost of expensive marble tiles and more labor --Dense floor patterns, such as windmills or basketball, install a widget in the center of the room with less-Expensive tiles with simple straight or staggered patterns.For a laid-Back, rustic, with square and rectangular marble tiles of multiple sizes, the pattern is more diverse or more random, such as ashlar or hopscotch.Combine a wide variety of marble colors in warm tones of gold, brown and copper and use thick grout joints on EarthA hue integrated with marble.Show the look by using marble tiles, rolling finishes featuring rough, pitted textures and rounded edges.Trim the perimeter of the floor into a brown brick border for a compromise accent, or mount a marble tile pattern with some lime or terracotta tiles.The simple marble floor pattern is well matched with handmade wool carpets, wooden furniture and plasterIron accessories.For an eye-catching focus of the room, install a detailed custom marble tile mosaic in the middle of the floor depicting a theme or scene.Surround the rectangular marble tile mosaic with a circular pattern radiating from the center of the floor and decorate the chandelier or Chandelier on it to help highlight the mosaic and illuminate the complex marble texture.For exotic Moroccan style, use rare green or light pink marble tiles in geometric starburst or curved lanternsshaped tiles.Or, mosaic marble tiles with circles, triangles, diamonds and polygons, reminiscent of the decorative stone floors of the medieval church.
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