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Ideas for Glass Tiles Around a Bathroom Sink

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Glass tiles add to the bathroom the soft gloss and gloss that the tiles and stone tiles cannot provide.You can make a bold statement with them, turn the sink and dresser into a focal point, or as a subtle background to highlight other design elements in the bathroom.The subtle pattern or color that matches the surrounding decoration will make the area around the bathroom and sink look bigger.Glass tiles can also be used to reflect the decoration of the bathroom, such as dark brown glass that matches the cabinet or silverSpot glass debris on the chrome faucet.Select a part of the permanent fixture instead of the color of the temporary fixture, so that the decoration can be updated without removing the tiles.For example, match the color of the floor tile, not the color in the wall paint.Use a bold mosaic pattern to make it the focus of the room instead of incorporating the sink into the decor of the room.This works well with professional sinks made by hand or vessel sinks.Choose a design that you will like in the next few years and will not look out of date in a few years.The design should also match the style of the bathroom.For example, choose a rural design for a countryRetro style home or pop artstyle home.A random pattern of colors creates a layoutModern look.Choose colors that coordinate or complement each other and place them in patterns that are not repeated.Use bright colors to create a pleasant, fun look, or tone for the laid ground-Modern look.Before placing tiles, lay them out to ensure that too many single colors are not adjacent to each other, or that repeated patterns are not inadvertently generated.Mixing and matching dimensions and shapes creates a visual interest without relying on color.Create a subtle repeating pattern, or use smaller tiles to form a border around larger tiles.Make straight lines, diamonds, or stairs using smaller tilesStep design continues around the sink.Turn the rectangular tiles in different directions, place some vertically, place some horizontally, and fill the blanks with smaller tiles.Alternatively, match a pattern in a tile on the floor or wall.
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