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how to wear a dive mask

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-30
Dive masks enhance your swim and dive experience by keeping water away from your eyes, so you can explore without eye irritation or blur.
However, even a great dive mask won\'t help you much unless you know how to wear it.
It\'s not hard, but you need to keep some important points in mind.
Manual difficulty: easy to adjust the strap.
Most diving mask straps are made of silicone rubber, soft and soft.
If you go snorkeling, there will be snorkeling on this belt.
Some people find that long hair is very wrapped around silicon tape, so they will find a mask with elastic tape.
Whether the strap is elastic or silicone, make sure its width is comfortable and easily adjusted according to the size of the head.
You know, when you shake your head, it adjusts well but doesn\'t feel uncomfortable.
Make sure the frame fits your face.
The frame has different sizes and some don\'t even have the frame.
They are usually made of polyester plastic.
Check to make sure that your peripheral vision is not too blurry by the side of the mask.
Wear a mask and breathe in with your nose.
If the mask is installed correctly, this should create a vacuum inside the mask.
This vacuum puts the mask on your face and when you are underwater it blocks the water out.
If the mask does not create a vacuum when you breathe in, you need to find a different one.
Buy mist removal spray or gel at a dive shop.
It is important to check the ingredients on the label, as some Defog spray and gel can cause allergic reactions in people with severe allergies.
For people with allergies,
Natural mist removal spray and gel.
Rub the gel with your finger or cloth on the lens of the dive mask.
Spray can be sprayed onto the lens.
If it looks striped, wipe it in with a cloth.
When swimming or diving, please bring your body armor with you if you need it.
You can put some bullet-proof bottles on your suit with a mountaineering buckle.
With the mask in the left hand and the lens in the palm, prepare to wear it.
Lean down and put your face on the mask.
At the same time, pull the strap back to your head with another hand.
Adjust the strap to make the mask comfortable but tight.
Breathe in through your nose and create a vacuum on your face.
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She has been a freelance writer since 1998, creating a guide to literary research as well as articles and essays.
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