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How to Use Small Peel & Stick Tiles to Resurface Old Countertops

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-29
The countertop has the greatest visual impact on the space, but many of the renovation options are either too time-consuming to complete or not economically viable.A relatively cheap and quick way to re-lay the countertop is to install a small Peeland-Stick the tiles to the top of the existing surface.Limited preparation with a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from and some wallets --Friendly option to re-lay your old countertops with them and can buy you a decent bathroom or kitchen for a few years without replacing the entire surface.Clean the counter and check for damage or dents.For the most smooth installation, repair any holes, cracks or peel-off laminate with glue or compound according to the direction of the product.If you use a composite, let your repair work dry and polish on the surface before proceeding.Clean the counter using a skim kitchen cleaner to ensure no dirt or dirt is left.This is particularly important near the stove or deep fryer, where grease is easily collected.Lightly wear the counter surface with sandpaper to remove the shiny surface.Wipe the dust with a damp sponge.Apply a thin layer of oilPrimer on the entire surface of the counter.Allow the surface to dry according to the direction of the product.According to the size of the peel, outline your design on the counter with a snap chalk lineand-The tiling you are using.Install tiles according to the direction of the tiles.Most peel-and-The back of the tile is equipped with an arrow so that the tile can be easily installed so that the grain moves in one direction;For the best results, please install the tiles so that the arrows all point in the same way.If the tile is not evenly placed on the counter, apply a few drops of tile adhesive on the back of the tile before installation.The adhesive coating itself may not be strong enough to keep the edge of the tile for a long time.Measure any remaining areas on the counter that do not fit the entire tile.For each tile, use the ruler and pencil to draw the cutting guide on the back of the tile according to your size, then cut the Peeland-Use a wet saw or razor blade to stick the tiles to the right size.When cutting with a razor blade, hold the ruler along your guide and run the razor blade down the back of the tile several times until the tile breaks easily.When you cut the tile, leaning the ruler against the back of the tile will provide you with the cleanest lines.When necessary, in addition to the sticky backing, the tile is installed using adhesive.Let the tiles be placed for 24 hours and give the adhesive time to dry.Seal the edge of the new tile countertop with a silicone caulking agent to prevent moisture from entering below, which can damage the adhesive.You usually have to fill in the gap between the sink and the tile behind the counter and the wall.To do this, add the caulking tube to the gun and keep the applicator tip at 45-The angle of degree at one end of the part you need to fill in.Press and hold the trigger, apply a thin, uniform line of caulk, and release the trigger as soon as it reaches the end of the section to prevent the pool.Repeat the process in each section and then let the cauldron dry according to the instructions of the product.
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