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How to Use Glass as a Backsplash Behind a Range

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-25
The kitchen tailgate adds personality and charm to the design of the room.Glass brick is a functional, modern, and visually appealing material that is often used as a tailgate behind a range of backs.If you plan to install glass tiles behind your range, use the tile installer and grouting technology specifically designed for glass to ensure your home improvement project is successful.Use a glass-The tile tailgate can update and update the kitchen design.Small selection, 1-by-1-If you want your tailgate to have a uniform, patterned look, glass tiles in inches.Small tiles are provided in local hardware stores or household goods stores and applied in sheets to make the installation easier.Choose bigger, 4-by-4-inch, 12-by-12-Inch or rectangular glass subway tiles with a unique background behind your range.Choose a glass brick color that coordinates with paint colors, appliances, and decorations, or choose a transparent translucent tile that coordinates with almost any kitchen theme.Create a decorative mural behind your series as a tailgate.Pull the range out of the wall so you can template behind the appliance or gently track the mural design.Install colored glass tiles on the painted murals to turn the walls into color mosaics.The top of your range should overlap the bottom of the mural slightly to avoid exposing the exposed walls.Measure and draw the dimensions of the wall behind the range to configure the glass tiles.Select the square or rectangular wall area directly behind the range (width of the range) and create a tailgate located in the center position under your cabinet.Install glass tiles on the entire wall behind your series, above the kitchen countertop and below the cabinet to create a focal wall in the space.The extended tailgate covering the upper and lower areas of the countertop increases the visual interest of the room and protects the entire wall from oil stains, sauce stains and drops.If you want a low wall, install glass tiles as tailgate at the back of a rangeEasy to maintain and clean.Wipe food particles and greasy residues on glass using household glass cleanerTile tailgate.For dried-On the food particles, apply a small amount of gentle detergent in the glass area and wipe it clean with warm water.Avoid using grinding sponges and grinding cleaners that may scratch or damage the glass.
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