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How to Use a Border Tile for a Backsplash

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
The tailgate is the last part installed in the kitchen design and the most decorative part.The tailgate is one of the first areas to see in the kitchen, occupying a large amount of wall space, which means that many homeowners choose to use decorative tiles, such as border tiles, to help paint the space and add some details.There are many ways to use border tiles in the tailgate area to help define and personalize the space.Border tiles are usually used to add a little extra detail, color, texture, or style to other normal field tiles.In a busy kitchen design, a single border may be enough to consolidate the design by extracting colors, textures or patterns from the rest of the room.To successfully use a single border line in the tailgate, set one or two tiles from the countertop and the rest of the field tiles will reach the counter above.You can also decide to change the tile pattern above and below the border to provide more details.By setting up a line or two, you can help to put it in a position that is most likely to be seen and most unlikely to be blocked by items on the counter, such as a toaster or cookie jar.If the border tiles are small, normal, or the kitchen tailgate requires more detail, you can create eye-catching effects by passing through multiple rows of border tiles.In this case, one or more rows of the field block separate each row of the border block.For example, a row of ordinary subway tiles was installed directly on the counter.On top, a row of polished stone mosaics is used as a border tile.Next is the field block and border block arranged alternately until it reaches the cabinet.The effect compares the two materials and colors to give the space a striking look.The kitchen tailgate with a large area behind the sink or stove can use the border tile in different ways: as a photo frame.To help attract attention to one of the areas and make them focus, the tiles used in these areas are often different from those used in other areas of the kitchen.Therefore, in order to complete the design changes, the two areas need to break through each other.This is where border tiles can be used;It can separate the two parts like a frame and frame the area out.This look can be done with or without the same border tiles running along the countertop as extra detail.In some kitchens, there is no need or need to extend to the full tailgate on the cabinet.In these kitchens, a 4-The inch tailgate is usually used.In some homes this is made of the same material as the countertop, but in others it may be a border tile.Select a decorative border tile with a height of 4 to 6 inch and set it on the countertop with no field tiles on it or below.This is a subtle decoration that is most common when used at the counter.Doing so, if required, also allows the rest of the tailgate area to be tiled later.
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