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How to Tile Over Old, Weak Wooden Floors

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Even if your ground floor is old and weak, they can still handle the tile installation at the top.The tile needs a good base to support its weight to prevent movement or bending, which can lead to cracking.Therefore, before the tile falls, the cement back plate needs to be installed on the old wood floor.This will strengthen the old floor and help support it after the tile is installed.Walk through the floor and try to identify areas that bend or move more than others.Pin these areas to the support beams below to help stabilize them.Check if there are cracks or holes on the floor that can be used to measure their thickness.If not, drill a small hole large enough on the floor to get the tape measure through.The total thickness of the floor must be 1/2 before installing the tiles.The cement back plate will be installed on the last layer.Use plywood to make up for the thickness difference between 1/2-Inch back panel and existing floor if needed.Screw the plywood to the existing ground floor and sink the ironing board below the surface of the floor.Cut the back plate with a round saw to fit on the plywood and screw it onto the plywood.Apply fiberglass tape at the seams of the back panel.Find the wall farthest from the door and measure it.Find its center point and capture a chalk line from this point across the room.This will help you to evenly lay tiles in your room.List the tiles in a dry layout to determine their suitability in the room.Place the first tile on the far wall on the chalk line, and then place the next tile evenly on both sides.This will provide a balanced installation.If necessary, use the tile spacing device to help keep the tile straight.Cut any tile into a tile suitable for a wet saw and return it to a dry layout.Pick up the tiles from the floor in reverse order.Spread a thin layer-Set the mortar on the back panel and press the tiles in according to the same pattern as determined in the dry layout.Tile back from the room and let the mortar dry for 24 hours.Apply mud to the device with a mud float.Guide the grouting into the seam between the tiles and float to stay at 45-Angle with the floor.Scrape off any excess mud from the surface of the tile with the edge of the float and let the mud dry for 10 minutes.Clean the surface of the tile with a damp grout sponge to remove any excess grout.Wipe the tiles with both sides of the sponge and rinse frequently until the tiles are clean.Let the mud dry for 24 hours before walking on the floor.
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