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How to Tile & Grout a Round Table

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Tiles are a great way to add a new life to the old table.It is also suitable for Southwest or Spain-Inspired decor, or wherever you want to add lasting colors.You can use any type of tile-High glazed mosaic, whole or broken ceramic, clay or Mexican or handmadePainted decorative tiles.You can arrange them with any interesting pattern or design.All you really need is a table, some tiles, a lot of imagination-And tile cutters or saws that cut pieces as needed.The old round coffee table is ideal.Fill in any holes or cracks at the top of the round table with a wood filler and polish them smooth with a Sander and sandpaper;You don\'t need to remove all the paint or other surface treatments, but the surface is rough so that the tiles can bond better.Arrange the tiles to decide the pattern or design.Make a thick cardboard or mud plate template for a table if needed to avoid having to pick up the tiles individually when the pattern is set.Break or cut the tiles to fit the design and cut the edges to fit the rounded sides.Use ceramic tile tongs to score and break down small tiles;Cut larger or harder tiles with Mason\'s wet saw, but do not cut very small pieces with a saw unless you are an expert in the tool.When the design is complete and the tiles are trimmed at the edges, remove the tiles from the desktop.Apply frankincense to the desktop with the notch edge of the Masons flat spatula.Place the tiles in the frankincense at once and push each tile firmly into place.Use a rubber mallet and a large piece of waste plywood as a \"punch plate\" to knock the tiles in place and level them.Put a 4-Foot level across the table and adjust any high point.Let the majestic set up, as suggested by the manufacturer, usually at least overnight.Mix the grout in any desired color in a large mixer pan and spread it on the tile with a grout sponge.Work the grout firmly into all the seams between the tiles.Wipe the excess grout on the surface of the tile with a wet sponge and rinse regularly to keep it clean.Brush off any dry frankincense with a wire brush and seal with a grouting sealer to finish the top of the tile.Install a seal on any Porous tile, such as clay, to prevent stains from water stops and other liquids.
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