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How to Tile Around Outlets on a Backsplash With Glass Tile

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-27
The elegant glass brick is usually attached to the mesh back panel, which makes it relatively easy for novices and experienced installers to install.One of the biggest challenges homeowners face when using these glass tiles is navigating around obstacles, such as a power outlet on the kitchen tailgate.Taking the time to adjust these sockets and cut tiles to fit just around the device helps prevent a chaotic transition and ensure a clean, polished surface.Power off the socket that is planned to tile.Remove the screw from the outlet cover plate using a screwdriver.Put the screws aside and re-use them.The screws that will keep the outgoing box loose.Place one of your glass tiles next to the outlet box.Pull the box forward with your hand until the surface of the box is flush with the surface of the tile.Keep the box in this position when you reopenTighten the screws.Measure the position of the power outlet on the wall.Mark the position of the socket on the back of the glass tile so you know where to cut the tile.Use the tool knife to cut the mesh back along the lines marked in step 4.Wear your safety glasses and, depending on the marks you make on the back of the sheet, use a wet saw to cut the tiles as needed.Use blades designed specifically for cutting glass tiles, as the standard saw blades are not designed for this purpose.Apply thin mortar to the wall around the socket using a spatula.Press the glass tile into the thin mortar.Make sure the position of the tiles, keep the rows of glass tiles perpendicular to the countertop, and the opening you cut for the socket is close to the socket box.The area where the caulking tile meets the outlet box, use a thin caulking bead applied with a caulking gun.Wait 24 hours for the mortar to dry and then apply the grout to the wall using the grouting float.Fill all the seams between the tiles with grouting, then use your grouting float to wipe the excess parts.Wipe the surface of the tile clean with a sponge.Let the mud dry completely before re-dryingInstall the cover plate and turn the power on again.
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