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How to Tile an Outdoor, Exterior Wall

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Using tiles, a common garden or patio outdoor wall will look more perfect.Almost any type of tile can be used on the outer wall, including ceramic, stone or glass, as long as it is rated as an exterior wall.You can choose from a variety of colors, from the soft natural tones of ceramic, marble or other stone products to the design of brightly colored works such as Mexican tiles.4 inch square or smaller tiles are usually attached to the grid, which makes it easier to install.Scrape off any bumps or other defects from the wall.Clean the walls with a hard brush and water, and clean any debris away from the ground or the front surface of the wall.Don\'t worry about small cracks and small holes;Thinset will fill them up.Let dry.Buy enough tiles for your project.Measure the length and width of the wall space and multiply it by to get square feet.Rounded to the nearest integer and then added 10 to 15% to allow waste.Measure the wall from one side to the other and mark it in the center.Create a straight vertical line at the mark with a plumb line and capture the chalk line, marking the center of the wall from top to bottom.Add the recommended grouting space width for the tile--Use the tile gasket as a guide--To the height of a tile and multiply that total by the number of entire tiles required to reach the wall approximate center starting from the top.Find that point with a tape measure and make a mark there.Make other marks at the same point every few feet along the wall.Connect the mark with a ruler, check the mark with a horizontal straight line, and capture the chalk line.You will start laying the tiles from the intersection of the two lines and move outward in each direction.These precise measurements will ensure that you do not appear at the top of the wall due to local tiles.Mixed batch of latex-fortified, non-sag, exterior-Rated thin sleeve with water according to packing direction.The latex additive gives the film a certain flexibility so that the tiles and Grout do not break.Starting from the center point, lay a thin layer on an area of about 3 square feet in one quadrant.Run the notch spatula at a certain angle in the mortar to create an even Ridge bed.Lay the first tile in the inner corner of that quadrant.Place a tile firmly in the mortar and twist a little as you push it to help it attach.Place tile spacing between tiles to ensure that the spacing is uniform.If tiles are used on the grid, align each square so that the space between each part of the grid is the same as the space between each tile.Cut any whole tile with a tile wet saw to fit the ends of each row and column.If you need to install any tiles around obstacles such as pipes or windows, custom cut with porcelain tile pliers.Clip small pieces at a time to avoid cracking the entire tile.Continue to lay the mortar, work outward from the center, and lay the tiles in the rest of the wall.Tap each tile with a mallet to fix it firmly.Let the wall dry 24 hoursRemove the tile gasket.Mix a batch of sand, outside-Grading grouting according to packing direction.Use the mud float to disperse the mud on the wall and keep the float at 45-Degree angle, the grouting work comes in from various angles to ensure that all cracks are filled.Let the grouting dry for about an hour, then fill the bucket with water and wring-Be careful not to press hard outside the sponge so that you will dig out the mud.Often change the water in the bucket.After a few hours or the next day, buffer the tiles with a clean cloth to eliminate any lingering Grout smoke.Apply the grouting sealant after the grouting is completely dry.The spray sealer is easy to use and protects the grout from mold and stains.
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