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How to Tile a Window Sill

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
The tiled window sill can convert the original plain window into the focus of the kitchen and bathroom and prevent water from damaging the painted window sill.As a home-The tile windowsill provides you with an opportunity to learn basic tile installation techniques.Choose ceramic tiles that emphasize the style of room decoration, including BullsTrim the nose brick on the outer edge of the windowsill.In most cases, it takes several hours for the tile window sill and grouting.Prepare the window sill surface using 80-1Sand grinding blocks.Remove the paint and primer from the surface of the drywall or plaster.Remove dust and Polish debris with a vacuum hose.Repeat this and prepare a 2-On the wall directly below the outer edge of the windowsill there are inches wide straps.Start at the center of the windowsill, from one side to the other.Lay tiles on the windowsill, and there is an edge on the window frame behind the windowsill.Determine the spacing between the tiles that look best.The tiles can be installed closely together or together with the grouting space.Cover the main part of the windowsill with tiles.Center the layout of the tile from one side onto the windowsill so that the open space on both sides is equal.Measure the space at both ends of the windowsill and deduct the grouting spacing.Use felt to mark the edges of the two tiles as fillertip marker.Cut the filled tile on the tile cutter.To do this, place a tile plane on the board of the cutter, the edge of the Mark corresponds to the finish of the fence and tile, and align the mark on the tile with the center-Marked on the fencePress the handle of the cutter and use the cutter\'s wheels to pass through the surface of the tile from beginning to end.Position the cutter at the center of the score mark and push the handle down to break the tile at the mark.Place each tile facing down on the windowsill with the inner edge opposite the back of the windowsill.Use the front of the windowsill as a guide and mark the surface of each tile.Open the tile and cut off the excess tile with the tile cutter.Smooth the corners of each tile edge cut with sand grinding blocks.For 4-inch-by-4-Inch tile, hold the tile with the palm of one hand, cut the edge up and the corner is smooth.For 6-inch-by-6-inch tiles.Lay the tiles flat on the table with the cutting end extending 1/4Inch on the edge of the table.Hold the tiles in one hand, smooth cut corners.Add 1/2-1-inch waterA gallon plastic bucketAdd thin-Cut the mortar into small pieces and use 2-inch-Wide plastic putty knife.Add mortar until the mixture reaches a medium consistency, similar to mashed potatoes.Unified Application 1/8-inch-Apply a thick mortar layer to the back of the filled tile with putty knife.Install the filler at one end of the windowsill and the cutting edge is opposite the side and back of the windowsill.Apply the mortar once on the remaining tiles and install the required grouting spacing between the edges.Press each tile gently in place so that the edges of each tile are uniform.Locate a bull-The nose is trimmed on the surface of the wall below the window sill at one end, and the rounded edge above is aligned with the surface of the tile.Make a small reference mark on the wall at the bottom of the work.Repeat this at the other end of the windowsill.Measure the windowsill from one side to the other and add 4 inch.Cut a piece-by-Saw two pine trees very long with a hand saw.Lay the Pine Flat on the wall and align the upper edge with the reference marks on the walls at both ends.Center the workpiece from one side so that 2 inch extends to each end of the windowsill.By passing several 6d nails through the surface of the workpiece and partially inserting them into the wall, the workpiece is attached to the wall.Apply a uniform mortar on the back of a bullnose.Locate the lower edge of the bull-The nose is placed on the pine tree and centered from beginning to end on the pine tree.Press the debris in place on the surface of the wall.Repeat this installation anti-collisionNose in every way of the first block at the desired spacing.Mark the outermost part at each end of the corresponding side of the windowsill.Like before, cut pieces, smooth cut corners, install these with mortar.The right thing to do is that 2 inch of the pine trees extend to the outer edge of these pines.Apply mortar on the back of bothway bull-nose corner.Install a corner on the wall, one corner up and the other facing out.Repeat in another corner.Let the mortar solidify overnight and remove a piece of pine from the wall.Clean the mixing bucket thoroughly with water and putty knife.Mix a batch of grouting mortar to a consistency that is slightly thicker than a batch of tile mortar.Wear latex glovesUse putty knife to install grouting in the gap between tile and Bullnose.Apply grouting along the edge of the tile on the back and side of the windowsill.Push the grouting into the seam with the tip of the finger.Remove any excess grout with putty knife and put it back into the bucket.Let the mud dry for two hours.Clean the tiles and the excess grout on the BullsNose made of wet spongeTo get the best results, rinse the sponge with clear water often.
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