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How to Tile a Tabletop With Self-Stick Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-29
If you find an outdated accent table or coffee at a flea market, you can turn it into a decorative accessory by upgrading the Table Topstick tiles.These decorative tiles are also known as strippingn-Tiling, usually a value package containing ten or more tiles.Peel-n-There are various colors and patterns in the tiling, there are 12by-12-inch squares.Because it was built-You don\'t need to use extra glue or glue mud in the adhesive.The custom desktop brings a new life to the old furniture.Wash the surface of the table with mild detergent and warm water.Rinse the surface and wipe it clean.Let the table top dry completely.Measure and find the center on both sides of the table.Draw a chalk line connecting the middlePoints parallel to each side of the table.Draw a chalk line connecting the middleThe points on the other side find the center of the table where the two lines intersect.Without stripping the protective backing, center the first tile in the middle of the table where the two chalk lines meet.For example, if the table is 3 feet by 2 feet, divide the tiles into two rows and three columns.Arrange other tiles around the central tiles until they cover the entire desktop.This process is called dry installation of tiles.Make sure that the edges of each tile are tightly pressed on adjacent tiles.Since self-No grouting is required for tiling and no space is allowed between tiles.Trim excess tiles at the edge of the table using sharp scissors.Carefully remove the central tile and track the opening with chalk.The chalk-The drawn Square provides a starting point for tile installation.Pick up the rest of the skinn-Stick the tiles to the floor next to you and place them in the order they are removed from the desktop.Remove the protective backing from the center tile.Place the tiles on the center chalk square with the adhesive side down.Press hard and fix the tiles on the table.Peel the backing off the next tile and place it next to the center tile and patch it next to the center tile without overlapping.Press firmly.Repeat the process until all the tiles are securely attached to the table top.Roll on the tile desktop with a rolling pin to evenly edge and eliminate ugly lumps or ridges.Stand next to the table and apply force to the rolling pin when you smooth the surface.Rolling the Tile ensures that the adhesive is glued to the desktop and reduces the small visible lines between the tiles.
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