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how to replace wheel bearings on boat trailer

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-30
Nothing is eternal, including trailer bearings.
Trailer wheel bearings need to be replaced because putting the trailer back into the water will clean the grease on the Hub and bearing.
Trailer with grease
Free wheel bearings are the best way to destroy them.
Replacing trailer bearings is relatively simple, especially for tasks completedit-yourselfer. Routine wheel-
Bearing maintenance is the best way to avoid premature bearing failure.
Description difficulty: Use the lugs wrench moderately, loosen but do not remove the wheel lugs nut or lugs Bolt.
Place a crocodile or floor jack under the trailer axle and lift the trailer until the wheels clear the ground.
Do not rely on the Jack to keep the trailer in the air.
Once raised, support the trailer with a Jack bracket or building block.
After the trailer is lifted, remove the wheel lugs nuts or bolts and place them on one side.
Remove the tire and wheel assembly.
Use a flat screwdriver to pry the grease cover from the end of the hub.
If the trailer is equipped with a bearing partner (self-
Lubrication hub with springloaded piston)
Pry them out of the wheel hub.
Remove the cotter pin at the end of the axle with a cotter pin or pliers.
Suitable size for socket and ratchet or opening
End wrench, remove the wheel nut.
Slide the hub off the shaft.
Clean the remaining grease with good solvent and drift the grease seal and bearing seat ---
There\'s an internal and external race--
Hub with brass or copper drift pins and ball hammers.
Presses with proper inserts can also remove them well.
Thoroughly clean the hub using a good oil remover or solvent.
Dry it and check for damage and excessive wear inside the hub runway.
Install the new bearing race into the hub.
Install them using a press, or use a copper or brass drift pin and hammer to tap gently in place.
Make sure that each game is bottoming out during the adjournment.
Load new bearings with good grade wheel bearing grease like molybdenum or lithium grade bearing grease.
Use the bearing packing tool, or place some grease in the palm of your hand and put grease into the bearing with your fingers.
Place the inner bearing on the Hub and then tap the new grease seal.
Slide the hub into the position on the shaft.
Press the outer bearing in the position of the outer ring.
Install shaft nut gasket and shaft nut.
Torque the shaft nut to the specified torque setting.
With castle nut, tighten the nut until the nut is close to each other and then rotate the hub.
Back from the castle nut until it is aligned with the cotter pin hole on the shaft.
Opening pin for installation.
Reinstall the bearing partner and wrap the hub with the same grease oil gun loaded with the bearing until the bearing partner piston moves outward.
Reinstall the wheel and tire assembly and remove the jack.
The article written by Jerry WatsonJerry Watson began professional writing in 2003 and is currently written for Technorati and various other websites.
His work appears on the construction Network, the e-Health Forum, and other online sources.
Watson\'s first novel, The Chronicle of antiquities, is available online and in bookstores across the country.
He graduated from the breaking into print course by Changling writers.
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