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How to Replace Single Decorative Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-27
Decorative tiles on the kitchen tailgate or bathroom walls add style and style to the decor of the room.When you need to replace the damaged decorative tiles, the most difficult part of the task may be to find the tiles that exactly match the replacement.Hopefully you can store some excess tiles from the initial installation.If not, you need to take a broken tile to the tile retailer to see if you can find the matching tile.Lay a plastic cloth on the floor or countertop to help collect pieces of tiles and mortar.Use the mud seen to remove all the remaining mud around the decorative tiles.When you pull its jagged teeth along the grout, push the grout saw into the seam.Do not cut or cut adjacent tiles that are not damaged.Depending on how the tiles are made, they may have spacers that may get in the way of you when you remove the grout.Cover the edges of adjacent tiles with painter tape to protect them.Your goal is to replace a tile, not a few.By drilling 1/4-loosen the broken tiles from the base plateInches holes in the center of each broken part.Do not drill too deep, otherwise the drill will penetrate the cement back plate behind the mortar.Wrap a masking tape around the end of the drill bit as a depth indicator to help prevent you from drilling too deep.Hold a small chisel in 90-Angle with the surface.Place the tip in a central crack on the decorative tile.Tap the chisel gently with a hammer to help it pass through the exterior decorative glaze on the tile.Tip the chisel to 45Angle of degree, continue tapping to loosen the broken part of the tile.Don\'t beat the Chisel too hard, otherwise it may slide and damage the adjacent tiles.Repeat this process to remove all remaining shards.Use a hammer and chisel to clean up any mortar left on the wall.Use pliers to cut off any gasket left in the damaged area.Dry-Install a new decorative tile to make sure it fits the opening.If not, you may need to reduce the number of spacers.1/4 on the back and opening of decorative tiles-Inch notch spatula.If the space is too tight to use the tro knife, use the edge tro knife.Insert the tile into the opening, twist it a little and fix it in the mortar.Push the tiles deep enough into the mortar, even with the surrounding tiles.Adjust the tile to make the grouting joint even.Let the mortar dry overnight.Remove the painter\'s tape from the surrounding tiles.Fill the seam with pre-mixed grouting using grouting float.Push the grouting into the seam at different angles to fill all the seams.Wipe the excess grout on the tile with a clean damp sponge.Let the mud dry overnight.Buffer the new tiles with a soft cloth to remove the grout haze.
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