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how to repair a leaded glass panel - diy

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-03
A client called and asked us to fix the windows of their home.The window has a broken piece of glass that we need to take from their home, fix it in our store and reinstall it at their entrance.To see the photos that come with this article, visit the better stained glass website and click how to fix the lead glass panel.
The window frame assembled a 45 degree Mitter on the wood, which required the removal of the nail to remove the wood.Fortunately, the nails used are very thin DingTalk, similar in size to the nails, so I was able to hit the fasteners with an putty knife on each nail.Once all the DingTalk were cut, I was able to take the wood off the frame with a little care.
The lead panel in the frame is very tight, which is rare and I have to loosen the panel gently to avoid damage.The device has a tempered glass outside the door frame, followed by art glass.In our studio, we heat-insulated the window unit so that there is tempered glass on each side of the art glass.
Since the tempered glass is still there, I just put the block of wood in the frame back in place before reinstalling it.Usually we put a piece of cardboard or plastic at the opening and wait for the replacement.When I brought the panel back to our studio, I followed the outline of the panel first.
I know that since this window is too tight, I have to make absolutely sure that it does not grow on me during the repair process.I heated the solder joint and shook the outer rod back and forth with pliers until the outer strip of zinc was loose from the panel.I use a razor blade to loosen the cement joint between the lead and the glass so I can remove the glass pieces.
Once the cement falls off the glass, I canWeld the joints and do lead-free work on the glass.Next, I apply transparent tape on both sides of the glass that breaks so that when I remove it from the panel, it stays in one piece and I can use it as a pattern for the new replacement glass.Once I loose the cement and glass to each other, I apply gentle pressure on the glass and separate it so it is easy to remove from the panel.
I made the template with the glass removed and cut the replacement.Because the glass is close but not perfect, I replaced two pieces of glass so they all look the same.If only one of the components is replaced, your eyes will notice the difference, but since both parts are replaced, you can\'t see the slight difference.
Next, I nailed the panel to the pattern I had previously traced so I could make sure the window was in the right size.I then slid both of the replaced glass onto the lead.I pressed them gently with a glass hammer and knocked them in place tightly.
Then I nailed the Outside lead to make sure the glass was tight and inside the lines of the pattern.Until this step, the technology I use is the one that copper foil artists and chief artists will use.From this point on, I will focus on the copper foil method.
I placed a copper foil along the bottom of the panel, so there will be something that needs to be welded.We may have used the lead, but the lead in our inventory does not match the original lead.I foiled the three slopes at the bottom with copper foil, ready to weld the panels.
I cut a piece of zinc to install the panel and pin it in place to make sure the panel still fits the pencil pattern.I carefully welded the joint at the bottom of the panel, carefully heated only the lead attached to the weld, trying to avoid the melted lead.They were a bit too bright to match the original window when the solder wires were done, so I cleaned it with an ammonia based cleaner that darkened it, A diluted black patina was then added to reduce the color.
After polishing and waxing the window, it matches the original one.When we got back home to install, Jenny wiped the windows and did the final cleaning to remove any dust and stains.I took out the temporary model and several nails from the frame work.
I then follow Jenny\'s example and polish the inside of the tempered glass to remove any dust that may be collected.I used my putty knife as a lever to place the window in the center of the opening.Then I applied a small piece of silicone caulking around the entire frame.
I gently knocked the wood back into place.Then, since I\'m not going to nail the decorations back into place, I force a stick at the opening between the molded, so that when the silicon dries, they are held tightly.The silicon will form a good enough combination to keep the windows and molding in place.
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