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How to Remodel a Bathroom With Glass Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-25
Glass tiles have been used for home decoration and design for centuries.The glass reflects the surrounding light and helps illuminate and illuminate any area where it is installed, making it a perfect addition to the bathroom and shower where natural light is usually scarce.Glass tiles are available in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes and colors to make sure they fit into any bathroom design.Use them less or use them to illuminate your bathroom design.Once the glass tile is installed, the maintenance is relatively low;Just clean it with window cleaner and soft cloth to make it look the best.This makes it ideal for use in shower areas where soap and shampoo can cause maintenance problems with other types of tiles.Use a mosaic of colorful or rainbow colors on the shower wall for eye-catching shower design or use a larger colorBake glass tiles in a softer color for a more soothing spa experiencequality effect.If you choose to use more sedate glass tiles, consider using one or two more eye-catching glass mosaics to inject some color and interest into the space.Glass tiles are very noticeable, especially when used in combination with stone, ceramic or tile.Consider highlighting the wall in the shower, behind the dresser, or on the other side of the bathroom with a glass brick as an accent wall.To make the glass tiles the focus of the bathroom, choose a lighter, calmer color for the surrounding tiles in the space.If emphasizing the wall away from other tile wall areas of the bathroom, use glass bricks as a border or small wall panel, such as the back of the tile niche, to connect the two spaces together in other areas.Not all glass tiles are suitable for floor use, but there are many types of mosaic glass tiles.Cover the floor or shower floor with bright stained glass mosaics in the bathroom and make a dramatic statement.In the larger bathroom, consider making some small tile \"carpet\" of glass mosaic before Vanity, bathtub and shower instead of making the whole floor.Keep the wall tiles flat and pick up the color of the floor with a thin border or small wall brick accent to help create the cohesive design.Many glass bricks sometimes crush the small bathroom.If you would like to bring a little color and light to the bathroom without completely covering it with glass, consider using tiles as a decoration.The light hits the glass in a different way than the surrounding tiles, which will draw attention to the accent.Options include running a glass brick behind the shower pipe, using them as the tailgate behind the vanity and around the mirror, cutting them in the corner of the larger tile, or just run around the walls at wainscot heights.
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