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How to Refinish a Tile-Topped Table

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
A tile-Whether it\'s the original mosaic or the smooth construction of the whole tile, the table at the top will provide years of enjoyment.However, when the grouting between tiles gets worse, the tiles are damaged or you are tired of its style, you can give the table a new look.Although it\'s a messy job to patch tilesTopped table is a job that most people own people can do it on the weekend.Patching does not always require the tiles of the table to be removed.Bad mud can be replaced with manual mud-Scraping tools or hand toolsHandheld electronic equipment equipped with special mud-removal blade.Electronic tools are a faster way to remove grouting at the moment, but if you only have a small amount of grouting to remove, a manual scraper can do the job.In both cases, safety goggles, gloves, sandpaper and a waterproof cloth or drip cloth are required for any repair work.To remove the tiles, you can also use the tabletScrew driver with cover or wood cut with 1/4Inch blades and mallets can grind the tiles.A heavy-Duty scraper can help remove the residual adhesive and mud from the table top.Protective glasses are also essential for this task.A tile-The table at the top is usually made of wood or metal and usually has a small lip around about 1/4 high, providing an attractive boundary for the table top.When removing existing tiles, it is important to be careful not to rub or scratch the lips by gou.When only mud is removed, the tool slides and scratches the tiles.When all traces of adhesives, Grout and tiles are removed, polish the wooden table top with sand until smooth and apply a primer/sealant to protect the surface from moisture damage.The metal desktop base can be lightly polished with wet/dry sandpaper to refresh.Wipe with a damp cloth to remove any residue.When replacing the old tile with the top of the new tile, it should be done immediately after the primer/seal is dry.According to your design, the new adhesive can be laid on a uniform layer of tiles.When dry, apply grouting in the space between the tiles.For the space between the top of the tile and the lips, the color-In order to allow expansion and shrinkage, matching caulking can be used instead of grouting.On the other hand, when you plan to replace the old tiles with the top of the glass, paint or stain the wooden table to fit your decor.Metal tables can be done with one or two layers of paint for metal objects.
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