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How to Redo a Mirror Frame With Mosaic Glass

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-25
You can turn an ordinary frame into a work of art with mosaic glass.Small 1-Mosaic glass inch square is available in 12-Square inch sheets.The glass tiles are connected via a grid, and you can cut them into the right size with scissors, eliminating the tile spacing and making the redo items simple.For safe glass brick installation, a flat surface on the frame is necessary.When it surrounds the mirror, the finished mosaic frame acts as the focus in the dressing room, bathroom or hallway.Measure the size of the frame with a tape measure to determine the number of mosaic glass tiles you need.Cut the bonded tile mat with scissors and cover the frame.Peel off the matting backing and press the matting on the frame with your hand.Peel off the mat cover.Cut 12-Mosaic glass tiles in inches square, scissors to match the frame.Press the tiles on the glue plate.Apply non-Use the grouting float to polish the ready-mixed grouting on the mosaic tile and press the grouting between the glass tiles.Wipe the excess grout with the edge of the floating body.Wipe the tile with a damp sponge to remove any grout on the tile.Let the mud dry for an hour and rub the glass brick with a clean rag to remove the mud smoke.
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