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How to Recycle Ceramic Tile Into Mosaic Trivets

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Mosaic art dates back to China 4,000 years ago, when most of the artwork was made from objects found such as shells and stones.The mosaics of Greece and Rome are known for their exquisite and sophisticated art.But you don\'t need to be a master craftsman to make your own mosaic artwork.Re-using tiles to make trivets is not only an effective way of recycling;This is a great opportunity to release your inner artist.Cut the plywood into any size you want, or use the trivet kit from the craft store.Trivets must have a rigid liner, otherwise the grout will break when the liner is bent.Gently rate the top of the plywood with a tool knife.You don\'t need to cut too deep;You just want to scrape the surface to enough place to have something to stick to the tile.This is not necessary if you use the trivet kit, it usually provides a wood or metal base for trivet.Mix the white glue with a little water and dilute it.Apply the glue to the scoring surface of the plywood or trivet backing to seal the wood and make it waterproof.If you are using a metal trivet kit base, glue can help the film to attach to the metal.Let the glue dry.Place the tiles in the old pillowcase and tighten the end.This will protect you from any flying tile debris.Lay the pillowcase on a solid, flat surface such as a driveway or concrete terrace.Gently break the tile with a hammer.Remove the broken tiles from the pillowcase and lay them flat on the working surface.Play with tiles and arrange them until you know the pattern you want to make.You can also track the plywood or trivet base on a piece of paper and arrange the tiles on the pencil line to make sure the pattern fits perfectly.Apply a thin layer of thin cover on the score of the plywood and on the sealing side or on the top of the trivet base.Put your tiles on the wet sheet and leave a small space--Below 1/8--Grouting between them.Wipe any thin sleeve that flows out from the side.Let the thin sleeve dry according to the manufacturer\'s recommended time.If you live in a humid climate or do a vet on a rainy day, please allow a little extra time.Apply mud to the top of trivet with a flat spatula or mud float.Apply mud in the space between tile blocks and do not leave gaps or bubbles.Wipe the excess mud with a damp sponge.Rinse the sponge regularly and wring it dry so it won\'t get wet.Let trivet dry overnight.Cushion it with a spread to restore the natural luster of the tile.Paint the edges of plywood with latexBased on primer and paint, provide a more complete edge for your trivet to withstand repeated cleaning.
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