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How to Mosaic a Small Table

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
The accident happened, but don\'t regret going to the trash can to discard the pieces of your favorite plate or vase, but save them for rainday project.Use a pile of pieces of color or pattern and a small and sturdy wood table to use your creativity and make oneof-a-Mosaic desktop.The end product can be so valuable that you may have to restrain yourself in the future and not deliberately break the best dishes.A template cut from a sea newspaper into a desktop shape.Use a colored pencil to outline a rough design of the pattern you plan on the template paper.Place pieces of tiles, pottery, or plates on paper samples as dry-run layout.Manipulate the parts as needed to make each edge about 1/8 to 1/4 apart.Unless your desktop has an edge, place a smooth part on the perimeter of the design.Use 80-grind the top and edges of the wooden table top to remove the smooth finish to better glue the tile gluegrit sandpaper.Drag the jagged blade of the old bread knife or handsaw to the table in a staggered pattern to polish the surface more roughly.Use enough pressure to leave scratches or shallow ditches.Wipe the dust and any loose pieces with a damp rag.Apply a thin layer of premix tile adhesive to a part of the desktop using a sharp spatula.Read adhesive labels;Some tile adhesives dry in less than 1 hour.Only in that time frame can you work in neatly tiled areas.Bring the tile from the paper template pattern to the adhesive on the desktop and use one piece at a time.Use a spatula or a glove-wearing finger to apply a thin layer of adhesive on the back of each garment before securing each garment in place.If some of your tiles are thin, apply a thicker layer of adhesive on the back to make them flush with the thicker tiles on the table top.When you use a damp sponge to remove any adhesive marks before the mosaic tile dries, wipe the front of it with a mop.Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to completely solidify the tiles.Mix the mud fully with the water to achieve a thick, non-permeable consistency.Put down a large piece of mud on the table with a sharp spatula and shovel.Fill the cracks between the tiles with grouting, use a sharp spatula, just like sprinkle a icing on the cake with a knife.Push the mud into all the space between the debris.Before wiping the excess part on the mosaic with a damp sponge, let the Grout set for 30 minutes or the length of time suggested on the label.
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