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How to Mosaic a Garden Ball

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13

Considering the art in your mosaic yard, consider a foam plastic gaze ball instead of a bowling ball.The bowling ball is heavy and must be prepared in some way, polished and covered with thin pulp for the mosaic to last.If the gaze ball is to be placed in the flower bed, bowling may be the best base;Because of the weight, it will not blow away in the wind.Foam plastic balls are a good choice for the Interior;Light weight, easy to handle, no holes to fill, can be punctured with the pillars of the earrings and the back of the brooch and pin.A pole can be inserted through a foam plastic ball and placed in the garden.The mosaic gaze ball (pictured) begins with Michael\'s white crispy foam plastic ball, a local craft shop similar to the hobby Hall.The diameter of the ball is about 6 inch.Pay attention to these in garage sales and thrift stores.I used weldond glue (a white water-Base glue suitable for indoor use only ).Since I made this, I have changed to strong, dry fast MAC glue.GE Silicone 2 Clear can also work.MAC and silicone are also suitable for outdoor use.The theme of this movie is spring.I chose the tesserae considering the curvature of the substrate.Think about broken bowls, cups, statues or any curved tesserae that don\'t work in flat mosaics (such as desktops.These curved pieces are used to stare at the ball.I used a porcelain vase with a beautiful peacock on the white background.The vase is thin and curved, so in a flat mosaic, its debris is not working well, but it is perfect for this ball.I also have some other curvy porcelain featuring floral patterns.I use the Lepponit wheel pliers to clamp the porcelain pieces that are in the residence and grind all the edges with the diamond sand.I hurt a long piece of gold first.Decorate the rope necklace around the ball in a spiral way.There are a lot of earrings on this ball that are missing their partner.Including Pearl, crystal, glass beads, GoldSpiral design in Hue, diamond or cubic zirconium and Opal.There are some tiny glass leaves and some flat marbles.There was a little lizard in the candle with all sorts of surprises in it, which was given to me by a close friend (the candle was burned years ago, but every time I watched the ball, I still think of my friend Cathy.There\'s a gold-tone locket.There is a pink enamel gardening hat and a red enamel strawberry.If you have earrings and there are also pillars on the earrings, they are perfect for items like this because you just have to put a little glue down and poke the earrings pillars into the foam.The small brooch and pin still attached on the back also worked well;Just embed the pin backing into the foam plastic.Imagine how a broken round Japanese teapot works, incarnated as a gazing ball.If a piece of tesserae is thicker than expected, simply press it into the foam plastic to form a dent and partially embed it.I found a good one, cheap one, but good quality, threeA metal stand with legs in a thrift store.In fact, there are many possibilities.There is no need to seal the foam first, I used the normal sand grouting material.I sealed the ball well with DuPont outdoor sealer.I have some rectangular pieces of white foam plastic that are used as packaging materials for computers and in the future, I plan to use them as the basis for mosaic wall art.Do not use green flower shop foam;Only white crispy foam plastic is used.http://hubpages .com/hub/How-to-Mosaic-Across-The-Universe-.http://hubpages .com/hub/How-to-Create-Mosaic-Art-A-Guide-for-My next project is a broken gaze ball given to me by a friend.It is hollow and made of thin rainbow-colored glass.I plan to break it into many pieces and stick it on a foam plastic ball to save it.Convert foam plastic balls into cute mosaic balls-A very small conversation.-It\'s a fun and easy way to use whimsical curved mosaic tesserae and save broken vases, broken antique jewelry and lonely earrings from lost partners.This project is perfect for saving memories using your mother\'s old jewelry or grandmother\'s Shard tea set.This is the next step in your mosaic tour;From plane to 3D, new possibilities are opened up for the curved part of the broken bowl or vase.You will never look at the treasures of thrift stores in the same way again.
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