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How to Make Your Own Custom Tile Coaster With Scrapbook Paper

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-24

Custom tile coasters are a great gift to help make even the smallest kids.It\'s so simple and the results are so amazing that any friend or family member will be proud to show them at home.Also, the tile coasters are fully customizable so you can make your coasters fit any d©Or holiday theme.It is also worth mentioning that in the local hardware store, they are not less than 20 cents as a tile.These instructions are about how to make a roller coaster, but the process is easy and can make multiple roller coasters at a time even without any help.First measure the 4x4 square on the back of the scrapbook paper.A older child may be able to complete this step, but it may be easier and faster to do it yourself.Measuring the perfect square can be a challenge for some children.Next, let your child cut the square.This is easy for older kids, but it can be a struggle for preschool kids.You may want to put the tiles in a safe place before starting other crafts.The paper tray works perfectly because you can put a tile on the plate and then move them easily wherever you want.Now let your child cover the tiles with a thin Moch Poch coating.They can finish the work with a sponge brush.Children of any age can do this, and don\'t worry if a young child insists on it.When they are done, you can solve the problem.Once Modge Podge is covered on the tile, you or your child can place the scrapbook paper square on the tile.Smooth it a bit so it\'s flat on the tile.Then cover the paper with a thin layer of model.Pay special attention to the edge of the paper and it may want to bubble.If you do have bubbles, just smooth them with a brush.Next, put another 2 Moch Poch coats on your roller coaster and wait between about 15 coats.For each coating, make sure the paper is completely covered and the tile surface is smooth.Let Modge Podge dry completely and then spray the tiles with a clear acrylic paint.You need two or three pieces of acrylic paint, but you just have to wait a few minutes between the paint.Let the tile roller coaster dry for a few hours and make sure it doesn\'t become tacky until it gets to the next step.After the paint is completely dry, you can cut out 4x4 Square felt.Your child can do this.There is really no need to measure it;You can remove its eyeballs so that the felt can cover most of the tiles.Stick the felt to the bottom of the custom tile roller coaster.Alternatively, you can put the felt pad in every corner of the tile.Felt and felt pads prevent the roller coaster from scratching any surface.VOILA!Your custom tile roller coaster has been completed and ready to be presented as a gift.You might want to buy a few more tiles though.The process is very simple and the result is great and you will want to do something yourself.Use only regular scrapbook paper.The card paper is too thick to be fully glued to the tile.Between the coats of Modge Podge, you may notice that the paper of the scrapbook is slightly wrinkled on the edge.Try to grab this before Modge Podge is completely dry and smooth it again with Modge Podge.You can replace scrapbook paper with photos.What a great gift for grandparents.Consider using stickers on tile coasters.This works best with scrapbook paper without wild and crazy patterns.It offers a roller coaster and extra punch, or adds a personalized layer.For example, use scrapbook paper that looks like sand and add a beach sticker.Or scrapbook paper that looks like ruling paper and adds school supply stickers for your favorite teachers.You can even use the sticker letters.Keep in mind that if you do use the sticker, add a layer of Modge Podge to the top of the sticker.Put some models on a paper tray and mix the glitter powder inside to make a sparkling tile roller coaster.Holiday scrapbook paper will make great coasters for Christmas, Halloween or Thanksgiving.
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