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how to make your own clay roof tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Most of the time, we tend to look at the products made today, just assuming that they are made using some kind of complex machine or a process that we cannot reach.
However, the fact is that normally this is not the case and clay roof tiles are a good example.
Do you believe that you can make your own ceramic products like you have for centuries, in fact you don\'t even need a gas kiln.
As in Mexico, bricks and tiles are still being made in wooden ovens.
You need to find a cheap source of clay. The first thing you need is a lot of high quality clay, and if you\'re willing to look around where you live, you\'ll most likely find a natural source somewhere.
Just dig it out, pack it in a garbage bag and drag it home behind the truck.
It must work well before forming clay. Clay must work well before it is formed, which is usually done with the feet of some large container or containment area.
To make the tiles and then roll out on the table, adjust the thickness using the inch sticks on both sides as a guide.
After the sheet is rolled out, the next step is to line it with a plywood template to cut out the overall shape of the clay roofing brick you plan to make.
If they are flat, fold them up to dry.
If they are to be bent, then place them on a curved dry surface.
After a few days after the clay roof is tilted and dried, use the template to cut it out. The next step is to arrange them into the smallest piles so that they are not broken.
After that, place dry firewood around a pile of tiles, be careful not to damage the unfired tiles.
Build a brick oven around your product, then they do it in Mexico, and then build a kiln around and above the tiles with bricks.
So where did they get the bricks?
The answer is simple.
They make molds with the same clay as they make tiles.
They then lit the wood and set the clay roof tiles on fire.
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