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How to Make Mosaic Tile Trivet

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-12
When serving hot dishes, the iron trivet is a functional kitchen item that protects the dining table and kitchen table top from burns.Mosaic tiles, however, were a replacement for traditional metal products in the past.While you can buy these beautiful accents, it may be more fun to design and make your own mosaic trivet.
This is also a craft project that you can do with a group of friends.Cover your work surface with a newspaper.Wear safety glasses.Seal the tiles in a plastic bag.Pack the bag with a towel.Break the tiles into small pieces of different sizes with a hammer.Take out the tiles and put them in the bucket.
Choose a simple pattern on the plywood.
This pattern should be easily drawn by your hand.Remove tiles of different colors from the bucket and place them on this pattern.Check if the design is satisfactory to you, and then fix the tiles on the plywood with a glue gun.
Press down on each tile to make sure it is well connected.Immerse the spatula in the mud mixture.Spread a thick layer evenly throughout the design.Erase any excess mud with a spatula.Wear gloves when grouting design.Wait 10 to 15 minutes for the mud to set.Wet the sponge and gently wring the excess water.
Wipe the top of the mosaic design with a damp sponge to clean it.If there is still some grout on the design, rinse the sponge and clean it again.Wait 24 hours for the mud to set completely.
When the mosaic trivet is completely dry, polish it with a rag.Protect yourself.The adhesive felt pad at the bottom of the mosaic trivet to prevent any damage to the table or table top
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