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How to Make a Mosaic Bottle

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-12
A mosaic bottle can be a delicate decoration of almost any decoration style.Most mosaics are made of ceramic or glass bricks.Depending on the look you want, these types of media can create unique mosaic bottles.
They can even be used as candle holders or bath salt containers.For a more interesting look, mix traditional tiles with beads, small shells, stones or broken terracotta warriors.Create a unique mosaic bottle with your imagination.
Remove any label from the clear glass bottle.Wash and rinse the bottle to remove any dust, dirt, food or glue.Dry the bottle completely.Decide the design of your bottle mosaic.Use a drawing and color pen if you want to create your own design.
You can also find mosaic designs for bottles online (see resources ).As an alternative, you can place tiles in a free way.Smaller tiles, square up to inches larger tiles are better because of the curve of the bottle relative to the flat surface of the tile.
Collect mosaic media such as tiles, glass tiles, beads or other small objects.Decide how to incorporate different mosaic media into your design.Apply the silicone to a small area and place the tiles on it for a firm attachment.
The silicon adhesive works fast, so you need to work fast.Or, when you place a tile, you can tap a small amount of silicon at the bottom of each tile.Place mosaic tiles or other media on the bottle.
Start from the lower part of the bottle.
Cut the tiles with porcelain tile tongs to create the size and shape you want.Place extra small pieces of Mosaic Media using tweezers.You can put the tiles together and eliminate the grouting.
Or leave a 1/8-Inch space between tiles used for grouting space.Place tiles up from the lower part of the bottle until your design is complete.The bottle is allowed to be placed for 24 hours to ensure that the tiles are fully glued to the glass.
If you choose the process, grout the mosaic bottle.Apply pre-mix mortar on the surface of the bottle and push it into the space between tiles or other Mosaic Media.Carefully wash the excess grout on the tile with a damp sponge.
Let the bottle be placed for 15 minutes.
Rub the remaining Grout residue on the tile with a soft cloth
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