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how to lay ceramic tile in a diamond style

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
If you want to install tiles at home, why not give it a little pizza?
Open 45-instead of a monotonous straight tile installation
Turn it into something special.
In any tile installation, the right layout and finding a good starting point are the key, but it\'s more important for diamond patterns because you don\'t have the benefit of an existing straight line.
The end result is fashion, and when it comes to trading, it makes a good impression on visitors or potential buyers.
Establish the starting point for tile installation.
If it\'s a bathtub case, it\'s the Bathtub itself.
The tailgate of the kitchen is the countertop.
For any other wall, it is the floor, and for the floor, the longest straight wall is used.
Make enough diagonal cuts next to the selected starting point to tile.
Since these cuts need to be done on diagonal lines, it is difficult to do with the traditional tile cutter, so the tiles need to be cut with a wet saw.
Cut the tiles from one corner to another, making sure the two cuts are the same size.
Glue shop--
A professional might call it the majestic--
On the surface to be tiled adjacent to the starting point.
The size of the notch spatula depends on the size and type of the tile.
Consult the person in the tile shop to make sure you have the right size.
Lay enough glue to cover the Starting distance of the two tiles measured from the corner to the corner.
Set the tile with the cutting edge opposite the starting point to the tile you cut.
Separate them with tile spacers.
Install a row of whole tiles at the angle created by half a tile.
Before proceeding, use the tile gasket and straight edges or levels to ensure that the tile spacing is uniform and the point of the entire tile outer edge is straight.
Continue to lay glue and cover the surface with a whole tile.
Once you \'ve set up this starting line, the rest of the work is like setting up tile squares, but you need to be more careful and check to make sure they are straight as you don\'t have a straight line to look.
Once all the entire tiles are in place, measure and cut the remaining cuts around the surface.
Let the glue dry for at least 24 hours.
Mix the mud according to the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Lay on the tiles and enter the seams that work in the small area so that the mud does not dry too fast.
Using a damp sponge, wipe excess mud from the surface of the tile while smoothing the seams.
Let the mud dry to light smoke and wash again with clear water.
Buffer with a dry towel if needed.
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