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How to Install Paper-Backed Glass Tile

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-27
Glass mosaics are often clearly visible-through.Therefore, they cannot be installed on a grid used to secure many other types of mosaics, such as stone or ceramics.Instead, Mosaic is inlaid on paper with brown craft paper.It is not like other mosaics, the paper is placed on the back of the tile, but is mounted on the front of the tile.When you take a piece of paperIn the face of the glass tile, you are actually looking at the back of the tile and the part you will attach to the wall.Lay out the mosaic in the area you want to install the mosaic or in the area of the same size and shape, if installed on the wall.Check the mosaics when you make them;The paper should stop near the edge of the tile on the side of each sheet.This will enable you to see the end of each piece of paper and measure how far you want to place the paper with each other.Cut the paper between the sheets and trim them to fit the edges of the installation.If you need to cut a row of mosaics to fit the paper, cut the paper to the nearest row, and then use a glass tile clamp to clip the individual tiles to fit.Apply a small amount of latex additive thin mortar in the area where you are going to install the tiles.In five minutes, make as many mosaics as possible.After typing the mortar in the correct thickness with the groove edge of the spatula, smooth the spatula mark with the flat edge to create a smooth surface.This will help prevent any mortar from oozing between the sheets.Press the mosaic piece into the mortar and the paper is backed against you.Smooth the paper from bottom up to base plate using palm.After a few sheets are in place, put a flat plate on it, hit it gently with a mallet, and beat the sheets into a suitable position.Continue until all mosaics are installed.Let the mortar be placed for about an hour and then remove the paper from the mosaic.Soak the sponge in the water and wet the paper with it.Water will dissolve the glue that sticks the paper to the glass.Once the paper is thoroughly soaked, peel the paper from the mosaic.If a piece of glass is loose, push it back with your fingers.Let the mortar dry for 48 hours and then the grouting is installed.The grout is dispersed on a glass mosaic with an epoxy grouting float.Pass the float through the glass from different directions to ensure a good coverage.Let the grout dry for 10 minutes and then clean up the excess on the glass with a damp grout sponge.Rinse the sponge regularly and move around it on the glass until you clean up the excess mud.Let the mud dry for 24 hours.
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