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How to Install Glass Wall Tile

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-27
Glass Tile installation is similar to the installation method of ceramic, porcelain and natural stone.However, due to the fragile nature of the glass brick, the installer needs to take additional precautions to avoid installation failure due to discoloration or breakage.Many manufacturers have outlined specific steps for their products to go beyond the general installation guidelines.Always follow the manufacturer\'s instructions to ensure the best possible results.Glass bricks are usually used on the internal surface, but can be used outside if the temperature is not lower than freezing point.The floor and countertop are not suitable.Make sure you have the right base plate before installing the tiles in place, otherwise the installation may fail.Approved substrates include fully cured concrete and cement backplates.The drywall is also suitable, as are the blue board and cement board units (CBUs) such as WonderBoard, Durock and HardieBacker.Do not install glass tiles on the surface of crushed board, cardboard, Clay Stone, crushed wood, plywood or asbestos.Keep the mounting surface clean and dry.New concrete shall be maintained for 28 days in warm and dry conditions and for at least 60 days in cold or humid areas.Fill the substrate joint with the same mortar used to set up glass or fiberglass CBU tape.A crack isolation film in the form of liquid, paste, or sheet is applied to minimize the possibility of cracks in the substrate, which usually spread to the glass.The film also provides a moisture barrier.After marking the center line for the layout, cover the wall with thin sleeves and work in small sections so that the material does not start curing.Apply adhesive through fan movement with 3/16-inch by ¼-inch V-notch trowel.Use the edge of the notch spatula and comb it horizontally to remove the excess part from the bucket.Smooth and thin downward with the plane of the tro knife, with a thickness of 1/8.Use the white thin sleeve of the glass tile, because the glass is clear, the color thin sleeve can change the appearance of the tile.Because glass bricks are used for vertical installation, it can be difficult to install.To ensure that the tiles fit the space, make an accurate area Template before installation and lay the tiles on the template.Leave a 1/8-The tile has an inch expansion gap with the edge of the cabinet, wall or other perimeter.The glass is easily broken with careful treatment.After applying the thin mortar to the wall, install the tiles from the top left corner and move to the bottom right corner.When using smaller glass bricks, apply gentle, uniform pressure on the glass.Gently tap the tiles in place with a rubber mallet.Make sure every piece of paper is horizontal.When using larger individual tiles that are not part of the paper, be extra careful to set the tiles.Let the tiles solidify at least 24 hours before grouting.After grouting, seal the installed surrounding caulking.
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