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How to Install Glass Tile Accents

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-26
The installation of the glass emphasizes that the process of the tile is not significantly different from other types of tiles, but the surface that is easy to scratch, the debris is easy to appear during the cutting process, and the translucent quality of the glass brick means that some special considerations are needed.The glass tile is affordable and has a wide range of options, which is worth the extra effort.Consider how much glass bricks need to withstand.If you install the tiles in areas that are severely worn or require continuous cleaning, such as floors or countertops, then it is easy to remove the scratches.Decide the finish and look, such as shiny, matte, clear, Rainbow or solid, and the size and shape.Compare the thickness of the glass accent tile with the surrounding tile.It will be easier to install if they are the same thickness, but you can put thinPut it behind Thinner tiles if needed.If the surrounding tiles are already installed, do not choose glass tiles that are thicker than the surrounding tiles.Glass tiles are usually paper with mesh padding, but you can cut the mesh and use the tiles individually to create your own design.Compare the size of the grid unit to the design you expected to determine if it is time or money saving to resize the design to the size of the grid.If you are creating a custom design using a separate tile or a small part of the grid-Support grouping, put the design in the intended space to make sure it fits your expectations and looks like you want.Sometimes the mesh is displayed on the back of the glass brick, especially if they are colorless;Clear paperThe brick may be more suitable.Paper-The front of the front tile has a paper coating that you remove after placing the tile.This paper makes it difficult to see the design before placing, but eliminates the problem of displaying the mesh through transparent glass.Wear safety gear such as heavy leather gloves and eye protection when cutting glass tiles.Use a tile cutter specially designed for cutting glass of 2 inch or smaller tiles.For larger tiles, use a wet saw.Go through from the bottom, turn over the tiles and finish the cutting from the top.Polish the edges as needed to remove any remaining sharp edges.Choose thin whiteA suit or mortar for clear glass bricks, unless you want to show a darker color through the glass.Apply the thin-Set to the background, then smooth it, remove any bubbles or textures that will be displayed through clear tiles.If the glass emphasizes that the tile is thinner than the surrounding tile, then the thin oneSet up, glass tiles flush with adjacent surfaces.Epoxy grouting material is an ideal choice for glass tiles.It does not scratch the surface, expands and shrinks as needed, and is sturdy and durable.Choose a color that enhances the glass bricks and will not compete with them or distract them.White or ivory fits well with most accent tiles.Avoid mortar that may scratch some delicate glass bricks.
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