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How to Install Diamond Shaped Accent Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
The emphasis on the tile highlights a feature or contrasts with other dull surfaces such as a large kitchen counter or sink tailgate.The emphasis tiles can be as big as other tiles, but the colors are different and can also be different sizes and shapes.Diamond-The accent tiles of the shape provide a greater contrast because they are elongated with a pointed head, not a square like a basic tile.Installing them is a design challenge as they have to be installed in regular tiles which requires more care and tilescutting.However, such a result can make the kitchen elegant.Locate diamond-Molded tiles from suppliers, traditional tile shops or process manufacturers, finishes and colors complement the basic tiles of the counter or tailgate.Get Diamond tiles that match the size to the base tile, such as 4-Meet the standard 4-inch diamond edgeSquare inch tile.Plan your accent design on chart paper and zoom for the counter or wall.Design experiment: there is a row of Vertical diamonds in the center of the counter, diamonds are interspersed in regular tiles every once in a while, or a large diamond pattern is formed in the center of the vast counter.Dry the tiles on the countertop to confirm your design and find the area where you have to cut the tiles.Delete the designs as soon as they are set.Prepare the countertop or tailgate with 3/4-Inch plywood covered with cement fiber back plate at the bottom.Remove the sink or other fixtures on the countertop or tailgate.Fix the cement board on plywood with thin boardAbout every 8 inch M, fix the mortar and screws in the plywood with a screw gun.Place the back panel on the tailgate and place the tiles along the front edge of the counter.Spread thin-Set the mortar on the back plate with the edge of the incision of the Masons.Start the tile from the front of the counter and align with the edge;Capture the chalk line to the width of the tile if needed to start the first line.Firmly press the tiles in the mortar;Place spacers in the corners to make room for grouting between tiles.Lay the complete tile to the emphasis point and leave space between the complete tiles to install the diamondshaped tiles.Diamond shop-Continuously formed tiles, box patterns or any design of your choice, fill gaps with regular tiles, cut with a wet saw from a bricklayer to fill the space and make a sturdy countertop.Tap the tile with a rubber mallet on the wide board to level the tile and check that the top of the tile is correct.Fill the tailgate and edges with tiles to match the countertop.Space diamond-Highlight tiles along the shape of the tailgate if needed, but use the beef nose edge tiles to match the basic tiles in front of the counter.Cut background tiles to fit any diamondShape tiles on the tailgate.Leave the mortar for the night and remove the tile spacer.Mix the grouting in a large pan, disperse it into the gap between the tiles with a grouting sponge, and use a clean sponge and fresh water to wipe the excess grouting on the surface of the tile.When the mud is already enough to form smoke on the tile, wipe the surface of the tile again with a damp sponge.Once the remaining grouting is completely dry, clear it with a wire brush.
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