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How to Fix Surface Tiles Inside of the Swimming Pool

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-28
Pool tiles are added to the pool to enhance the visual effect of the pool.These tiles should be specifically designed for the pool, as the regular wall tiles and some clay bricks are not designed to withstand the outdoor elements.The damaged pool tiles above the water pipe are the easiest to fix, but the drainage allows you to enter and repair the tiles below the water pipe.Repairing damaged tiles helps prevent water seepage, spreading the problem to the surrounding tiles.Check the area where the tiles fall off.If the mortar is still there, you can grouting the tiles in place for the time being.You should replace the mortar if it falls off.According to the manufacturer\'s instructions, mix tile grouting is designed for the pool in a small bucket to temporarily repair the tiles.Use the mud float to apply a small amount of mud on the back of the tile.Press it back to the opening.Use the grouting float to apply the grouting on the top and surrounding grouting lines of the tile.Drag the floating edge diagonally to the replacement tile and grouting line, forcing the grouting to enter the seam.Use the edge of the float to scrape off the excess.Gently wipe the tile and grout line with a soft sponge soaked with clear water.Do not remove the grout at the seams.Let the mud dry.Buffer the tiles with a soft dry rag to remove the grout haze.Remove the old mortar to repair the tiles permanently.Grind the mortar using a hand-held oscillating tool equipped with grouting to remove the blade and smooth the surface.Brush out the mortar particles with a dry brush.Follow the instructions on the bag and mix thin mortar in the small bucket.Apply mortar with a notch spatula.Mortar should not exceed 1/8-inch thick.Place the pool tiles in the mortar and apply pressure to help it attach.Make sure the grouting joint matches the adjacent tile joint.Let the mortar dry.Apply pool tile mortar at the seams of the tile and let it dry before dipping into the water.Tap the broken tile with hard objects.If the sound is hollow and the tiles are already loose from the mortar, it may fall off soon.If the sound is not hollow, the tiles are still firmly attached to the wall.If the tile is loose, remove the tile and replace it using the previous instructions.If the cracks on the tile are still attached to the wall, or if you can\'t remove the tile easily, apply a waterproof grouting on the tile.Let the mud dry before wet.
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