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How to Decorate With Tile on Desks and Dresser Tops

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Furnished apartments-The old, worn-out desk and top surface of the dresser are made of colorful, attractive tile mosaic technology.The modern small glass and tile sheet eliminates the spacers and replaces the messy tile glue with a strong tile adhesive pad.The damaged or dirty top of the desk or vanity is decorated with tiles and has a modern style.Tile items bring personal style to lockers or desks in any room in the home.Clean the top surface of the dresser or table with a clean rag and detergent.Dry the surface with another clean rag.Measure the surface with a tape measure to determine the number of mosaic tile pieces you need.By cutting the growth strips with contrasting colored tile pieces with scissors, stripes are made with tiles.Cut the tile part to fit the top of the dresser or the table top.Create a Chevron tile design with a short tile strip, staggered into a zigzag design.Use the contrasting colored tile strips in the zigzag design and repeat the two zigzag lines.Cut the tile adhesive pad with scissors to fit the dresser or table top.Pull down the backing of the tile mat and press the pad on the surface of the table or dresser.Pull down the tile pad to protect the patch.Press the tiles on the mat by hand and cover the vanity or desktop with tiles.Apply the pre-mix grouting on the tile with the grouting float, press the grouting into the space between the tiles, and scrape off the excess grouting with the float.Dip the grouting sponge into the water and squeeze it almost dry.Wipe the excess grout on the tile with a sponge, rinse the sponge and squeeze it almost dry between slides.Let the mud dry for 1 hour.Polish the tiles with a clean rag to remove the mud smoke.
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