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How to Cut Mosaic Tile Sheets

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-13
Although you can buy loose mosaic tiles, it is easier to install them.These tiles are attached to the mesh or fabric backing to keep them evenly spaced and allow you to tile a large area at a time.If there is no space for the whole tile on the surface, or you need to cut the gap in one tile for the outlet or other obstacle, you can usually cut the backing.If you have to cut the tiles yourself, backing can help you make sure you cut each tile to the same size.Lay the mosaic tiles flat on the cutting board.Spread the sheets so that the backing between the tiles is smooth.Cut the lines you don\'t need along the backing between the two rows of tiles with a sharp tool knife.If you need to trim the tiles yourself to completely cover the surface, please cut off the whole row of tiles you plan to trim.Don\'t cut off the backing that connects that row of tiles.Separate the ends of a separate row of tiles from each other to ensure that the tiles are flat and straight.Put a ruler on a separate row of tiles where you intend to trim them.Use the ruler as a guide and rate the tiles with a tool knife.The tiles that remain attached to the back like this allow you to rate uniformly.By cutting the backing with a knife, separate each tile from each other.Trim each tile along the score line with a pair of tilesScissors or pliers.
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