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How to Clean Lime Stains Off of Swimming Pool Tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-27
Even in the cleanest pool, lime, calcium and hard water deposits form on the tiles along the water line.It\'s a hard job to clean up these deposits, but it makes the pool look clean and attractive.Lime deposits form a rough surface on the tile, and algae can stick to it and form a sticky mess.Although the process of removing lime stains is time consuming, it is not difficult.Drain the pool so that the water drops at least 6 inch below the stain line.If you plan to stand in the pool while scrubbing the tiles, drain an extra 6 inch of the water to keep you in touch with the waves generated when you touch the stained tiles.Climb up the pool or lie on the edge of the pool so you can get to the stained tiles.Apply acid gel pool tile cleaner to a small area of stained tiles with lintfree cloth;Stick to the area you can reach without moving to a new location.Rub the tiles with detergent.Let the gel stay in the area for about 15 minutes.Dip a large nylon brush into a bucket of clear water and scrub the gelArea covered with brush using circular motion.Don\'t immerse the brush in the pool.Wipe the gel with a wet rag.Before continuing to wipe more gel, rinse the rag in the bucket and unscrew it.Repeat the process at all edges of the pool.Let the pool tiles dry and then check for lime stains.Some people don\'t show up very well when they are wet, but when they are dry, circle the remaining stains with oil pens or crayons.Apply the gel and let it sit where it is still stained.Scrub with a nylon brush and wipe the cleaner with a wet rag.For stubborn stains that you can feel and see, after you apply a gel tile cleaner, scrape the tile with a blade tool or scrub the tile with a pumice.
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