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how to build a canoe storage rack

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-30
Kayaking is a great leisure sport for the whole family.
Many people start by renting canoes until they are proficient and familiar with the different types and productions of canoes.
When the day of the purchase of the canoe comes, the next step is to store the canoe safely to avoid damage to the investment.
There are several options for storage, but it is easy to build an option that can be installed in a garage, garage, or ceiling of a storage building.
Description difficulty: properly locate the support beam or wooden beam passing through the ceiling and a canoe rack will be installed.
If the drywall or other material covers the ceiling, use the stud finder or look for screws or nails as a clue to locate the wood beam.
About 4 feet between each support eye bolt.
Marked at the center point of one beam, the center point of the other beam is about 4 feet from the first point.
Subtract 2 feet from the length of the canoe, and make two marks directly after the first two.
You should have four marks in a rectangle.
Drill holes using wood eye bolts as a reference.
Screw the eye bolt firmly to ensure that there is no gap between the eye bolt and the support beam.
Tighten the bolts with pliers if necessary.
Open the adjustable link and place one on each eye bolt.
The chain must be cut off at the time of purchase and will take long enough to allow the canoe to rest between the holder and the ceiling.
Connect one end of the chain to the adjustable link and tighten it firmly.
The other three links are repeated.
Cut two pieces 2-inch-by-4-
Inch wood is 4 to 6 feet longer than the width of eye bolts.
Mark two positions on the wood to ensure that the distance from both ends is equal.
Drill a pilot hole and insert eye bolts into each hole.
Repeat the process for the other end of the support.
Insert an adjustable chain link at the suspension end of the chain, lift the wood, and fix it with the chain link.
Repeat it across the street.
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