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How to Add Tile Accents to Floors

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-26
If you are looking for a versatile, durable flooring material, there are very few options available on top of the tile.It is provided in subtle grand tones and bold saturated tones that can make decorative statements in many rooms of your home.However, if you want a truly eye-catching floor look, you should consider adding accent tiles to its design.Emphasizing tiles are usually different from the main field tiles in size, color, pattern, shape or finish, and you can use them in many ways.Create borders using accent tiles, a common way to decorate other regular tile floors.Depending on the color, size and shape of the tiles you use, you can create bold or subtle borders as you need them.For a clean, simple look, select a slender accent tile in a color that is in sharp contrast to the live tile as the border.If the low-key look fits your style better, choose an accent tile with only one or two colors darker than the rest of the floor.However, you can become more creative on your borders.Create a mosaic style border for your floor using several different colors and shapes of accent tiles, or select a larger accent tile with decorative patterns.Create a pattern or shape in the center of the floor.For example, create a diamond using a black accent tile in the center of a white tile floor, or use a round red tile to form a floral shape in the center of a beige or cream tile floor.The use of accent tiles in this way is a particularly attractive look for the foyer, entrance or corridor, where it may be difficult to incorporate other decorative styles due to limited space.Go beyond simple shapes and create a person-made carpet with them in the center of the tile floor.It can be as simple as a light blue accent tile on a brown tile floor, but you can create more detailed patterns by combining several tiles of different colors, so raise your faux carpet to a new level.Even the basic stripe design can add visual interest to the simple tile floor.In a room where you want to split into specific areas, such as a large family room, the effect of making artificial carpets with accent tiles is particularly good, or in a home with an open floor plan, when you want to distinguish between the end of one room and the beginning of another.Create a more whimsical decor style by adding accent tiles in random patterns on the floor.This is a simple way to merge emphasis tiles as you don\'t have to measure precisely or lay out the tiles carefully to form the shape.You can use a bright color accent tile that contrasts with the field tile, or choose an accent tile with a slightly different texture, such as an accent tile for relief.When placing them randomly, it usually helps if the emphasis tiles are smaller than the field tiles, so you don\'t end up with too much patchwork look on the floor.
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