Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

How many people in Afaithstone Import and Export R&D department?
Since established, Xiamen Afaithstone Import and Export Co.Ltd has established an R&D department consisting of several people. Under the current social context, it is urgent for every company to develop its R&D strength because it is the most important way to keep the company ahead of others. Our R&D staff are familiar with the constant-changing characteristics of mosaic flooring and the latest trends in the industry. Also, they bear creative attitudes towards product upgrading. In other words, they are the source of our brand new vitality.

Afaithstone Import and Export is a professional supplier of herringbone flooring integrates sales, warehousing, and distribution. Afaithstone Import and Export provides a wide range of medallion tile for customers. The development of Afaithstone Import and Export dolomite marble tile has to take many things into considerations. Its electric strength, potential overload, the stability of the connector, static problems, and the contact of the inner conductor are all considered seriously by the R&D team . The product has a low tendency toward contamination and requires fewer chemical cleaning. The product will maintain its original room temperature physical properties such as elongation, memory, tensile and hardness at higher and lower temperatures. It is easy to be cleaned with water or detergent.

Regarding our efforts to promote sustainable development, we are not only responsible for clients, but also responsible for society, the country, and the future. We will make our business activities and production more sustainable.
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