Sine 2012, We have been specialized in only Marble

How is Afaithstone positioned?
Xiamen Afaithstone Import and Export Co.Ltd is dedicated to promoting top quality Afaithstone Import and Export at a reasonable price. Efforts are made to restrain the production cost from raw materials to manufacturing procedures and quality management. Pricing is completed after market survey that is carried out in order.

Afaithstone Import and Export is now the China's top supplier of blue tile. Afaithstone Import and Export provides a wide range of calacatta marble for customers. The product features an optimum reaction temperature. The active chemicals have been chosen to allow maximum operating temperature range. The product can be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surface.. The popularity and reputation of we in the market are rising. It is notable for its small color difference.

Our company adheres to the concept of environmental protection. We will offer greener products with a high eco-friendly standard that centers on low energy consumption and harmless to the environment.
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