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【 Hole Sir, dry 】 Why do the marble tiles more expensive?

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Currently, marble tiles become high-end materials of the decoration industry is the most popular, is to build TaoXingYe epoch-making innovators, also is the representative work of modern top ceramic tile manufacturing process. So, claims to marble tile too much on market, how to identify? Why is more expensive than other ceramic tile? How to decorate the shop is stuck effect?

first, & hole Sir Tell consumers are the main categories of ceramic tile first craft contrast:

such as marble, marble tile and other ceramic tile ceramic factory category comparison table

hole Sir To share a business sense. In fact, the industry professional research, development, production and sales marble tile which one or two, how to identify the real marble tiles? First of all, if the terminal sales store logo all dare not say & so-and-so marble tile brand, which is not professional production and sales of marble tile; If the sales order, after the creation of its design collocation, the shop is stuck construction guidance and other services are not professional, or professional people do professional thing! ! ! !

again, Sir Taught the consumers to identify friends & hole marble tile & identification method in three dimensions: more than three, multi-layer, & surface;

a, appearance temperament: the emergence of marble tile is replace natural marble, both natural marble texture and appearance, and natural marble & administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, sense, or three. Brick is like a person also, when buying, the key see ol temperament.

about contrast figure, basically see product facies gas

2, multi-layered process: in order to achieve natural marble texture ( Or stone) , specializing in the production of marble tile manufacturers are using 8 - 12 layer multi-layer mesh overprint technology ( The deeper the color, the more screen overprint technology, the higher the cost of production) , a layer of reduction of natural marble texture ( Or stone) 。 Fire makes sweet malt, something is definitely a good thing. But many claim to appeal on the market & clear lifelike texture of marble tile ( All glazed ceramic) , using ink-jet printing, one-time upfront to go too fast, the life of the shop is stuck to use fixed number of year is self-evident.

such as marble, marble tile ceramic factory Italian blue sands 12 glaze technology profile

3, the shop is stuck effect: natural marble after the shop is stuck, each piece is different. But the chromatism of natural marble, expansion and seepage stains and the natural defects. And professional manufacturer of marble tiles in order to achieve each piece is different, cost will be determined in production process, to produce a brick & 4, 6, 8 surface, such as large displacement after the shop is stuck, reach the effect of natural marble pavement. ( Sir & hole in the tip: dear friends consumers to go natural marble pavement more than 5 years business hotel to see, not professional maintenance of the consequences of pollution is extremely serious. Besides, mine is non-renewable resources, we should consider from the nature also! )

such as: Snow White marble marble tile ceramic factory Italy multi-layer mesh technology & six set a stone post effect

such as marble, marble tile ceramic factory picked multi-layer mesh technology & a nine background wall brick stone effect

comprehensive & hole Sir & three-dimensional way to recognize the marble tiles, know why say marble tiles become the world's most popular decorative materials? Why say marble tile more expensive than other brick? Why say marble tile is the product of alternative natural marble?

don't buy the wrong cough up! & hole Sir Will also objectively to share more and more household adornment of dry goods, to welcome you all continue to pay attention!
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