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【 Hole Sir, dry 】 Soft light marble tile whole process declassified!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
A contemporary and contracted, natural, fashion decorate a style to be new generation after 80 s consumers, and at present the subject of & soft household materials became popular. As a professional production, brand operation sales more concentrated pottery foshan ceramic tile, several factories have begun to production light marble tiles. Hole Sir After several visits, in order to let the consumer users know more soft light marble tiles, now the production process from the Angle of industry, skilled and magical craftsmanship.

hole Sir Visited several marble tile factory production, production technology gap, and specializing in the production of marble tile factory - today - - - Marble marble tile ceramic factory' Brilliant 】 Production base, for example.

marble marble tile ceramic factory light & 33 deg; Sofitel gold 14 layer process section

in marble marble tile ceramic factory, under the guidance of related research and development, production technology backbone we site visited marble marble tile ceramic factory production of a piece of soft light marble tile ( Sofitel gold, for example) Whole process, in order to reflect the natural solution to marble texture and texture, they added the multi-channel production process. Summed up in several impressions: solid and BiZhenGan, administrative levels feeling, soft feeling, pure feeling, multifaceted feeling.

√ Massiness

marble marble on the body of ceramic tile ceramic tile ceramic factory after glazing,
at the end of the glaze glaze add a level,
it is for more than a layer surface glaze,
makes its intense sense of marble tile product strengthen;

√ BiZhenGan

in order to restore the natural extinction natural stone texture,

marble marble tiles, ceramic factory bought Italian imports of inkjet machine,

6 - Eight color glazing,

makes the natural texture of products, BiZhenGan strengthen;

√ Administrative levels feeling

3 d texture is one of the many factories,

and marble marble tile in inkjet 6 - ceramic factory The eight glaze

added 2 - 4 layer screen glaze,

makes the level of the finished product stereo sense is very strong;

√ Downy sense

relative to other marble tile marble ceramics factory has its own products,

in order to reflect & soft,

to the production process the effect of layer 2 qualities, added to the imported glaze

( Trade secrets, without permission, hole Sir Is not released) ,

makes one of downy feeling of finished product is extremely strong;


in later after rough cast on him, fine, fine,

with a quality materials to soft light marble tile light control in a reasonable range

more soft warm heart.

√ Pure feeling

it is well known that

natural stone seepage pollution makes many users headaches refractory,

marble marble tiles, ceramic factory in the previous step and add a layer of wax Italian quality imported anti-fouling

effectively protect the permeability of marble tile products dirt;

√ Sense of polyhedral

the advantage of natural stone material of each piece is different,

and marble marble tile ceramic factory increase the cost of production,

with a grade of production, design and color is more layout

to large area of the shop is stuck with natural stone material.

  【 Hole sir· Small common sense 】 : what is a soft light marble tile? First is ceramic tile, marble + soft after the process of feeling, is the soft light marble tile; If it were not for the complex, administrative levels, BiZhenGan, multifaceted feeling, pure feeling, such as texture, the so-called equalizing marble tile glazed ceramic tile; And production process is downy sense area between the light and the light texture.

marble ceramic factory light & 33 deg; Marble tile, July has production listed

in addition, many users are concerned about the formaldehyde and radiation of natural stone material, and the true brand manufacturer production of marble tiles do not have to worry about. Ceramic factory, such as: marble marble tile production base of all the marble tile is good after 350 meters, 1200 high temperature kiln firing 100 minutes, except for the marble tile special effect, believe that the other was reduced to ashes.
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