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【 Hole SIR, dry 】 Marble tile future in where?

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Marble tiles over the years, has become a high-end consumer decorate material choice, category recognition and market share is more and more big, at the same time convincing and shoddy phenomenon and the market. Some companies in the reputation investment promotion and sales of ceramic tile & marble, marble tiles and no real systemic in place, let consumer experience less than & quot; Authentic marble tile & quot; The shop is stuck.

as marble tiles, require the system to

marble tile is a systemic project, each part is connected, but it is not only a process or a department. Such as production system, from the beginning of the selection of design and color varieties, to the formulation of raw materials, technology of edition, including kiln glaze line, is not the same, every link is exquisite. Such as body, flatness, the fouling resistance, glazing technique, the effect of surface treatment and so on various aspects together, to achieve a real marble tile overall effect; , such as: marketing system, specializes in display and promotion, professional design and the guidance of the shop is stuck, professional training and the service vendor system such as integrity, let consumer users really experience & quot; Authentic marble tile & quot; The shop is stuck. Marble ceramic factory & reg; Don't cross, focus marble tile field; Every piece of extraction of natural marble texture, each piece is the result of the craftsman coagulation casting heart, every piece of monolithic effect, the pursuit of the ultimate national manufacturers work together, a group of professional just for a thing well done!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory independent research and development production, the Foshan. 300 acres of production base of

as marble tile, need to qualitative

the future direction of the marble tiles? Breakthroughs, craft design breakthrough, the breakthrough on specifications, thickness on breakthrough, some enterprises blindly pursue & industry hotspot lose their own advantages, the lack of rational management concept, make no real products from design and color, texture, color, texture, feel and visual effects & user needs &! Marble marble tile ceramic factory after six years, has been in line with rational thinking & users to design and color, specifications, process research and development, and form a complete set of products, the national more than 200 monopoly stores full of beautiful things in eyes showing nine color, a variety of specifications, a stone N surface, the real effect of different style, more to meet the different needs of consumer users, now has become a terminal market & choose ceramic tile, marble with marble ceramics factory is a dark horse!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory, from the nature, focus on the stone, the store display

as marble tiles, requires six sense

in recent years, with the improvement and the rise of a new generation of the main consumption, marble, ceramic tile industry has not only the light and matte brick, brick light brick with stone light have multiplied situation rise, quickly in the industry establish a soft light, the light and inferior smooth tripartite confrontation situation. Marble marble tile ceramic factory after light series products have enough for some 60, 70 after decorate high-end users demand; With massiness, BiZhenGan, administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling, softness, stone light & six sense light series products, from design and color, texture, color, texture, feel and visual effect, more can meet the demand of alternative natural marble & user to decorate; Especially can effectively match the new Chinese style with modern wind & high-end decorating needs!

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory, light series profile production technology, fire makes sweet malt

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory' Soft light - Sir White 】 Imaging space appreciation

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory' Soft light - Cloud DORA ash 】 Imaging space appreciation

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory' Soft light - Top 】 the sky was a fish-belly grey Imaging space appreciation

bring marble marble tile ceramic factory' Soft light - Blue bell 】 Imaging space appreciation

marble marble tiles, ceramic factory has always had a system of professional development, production, sales, welcomed the marble tile manufacturers jointly manage the category, also welcome global aspiring to join, let consumer users can really use to more authentic tile & marble. Marble ceramic factory, a world of, the heritage of the world; Marble tile future in where? Marble tile future ceramic factory in marble & reg; Ceramic factory, light future in marble & reg; !

marble ceramic factory, focus on independent research and development production of marble tile six years. As # fully color & middot; Take the lead to implement # # color marketing, marble tile # ready effect, lasting three years marketing # # design national vocal tool. For a long time, in line with the rational thinking & users, as the terminal market & marble tile, choice use marble ceramic factory sales myth! Now, with stone light light series, has been at the marble marble tile ceramic factory store!

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