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Hail to the model, the May Day fight for quality

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
5. Hail 1 |
the laborer for originality!
obsession, the focus of beginner's mind!
persistent and unremitting spirit as quality!

marble marble tile ceramic factory, quality comes from 1993,
advocacy marble & environmental protection business concept,
adhere to scientific and technological innovation,
environmental cause to make due contribution to the nation as our duty!
as the voice of marble tile & name brand,
in a professional quality become the customer choice.

the marble ceramic factory people abide by the beginner's mind, after wind and rain, unswervingly!
on April 27, 2016,
in guangdong province celebrate the convention for the international labor day and labor model,
from guangdong foshan ceramic marble marble tile factory production base JianJingJie comrade
won & guangdong province May 1 labor medal,
the beginning of the ceramic marble marble tile factory production, sales and business heart,
& fight for quality determination!

cause the beginner's mind,
laborer smell of sweat, artificial light at the edge of the kiln.
with a smile like the sunshine, with focus on quality,
JianJingJie & ndash; — Brilliant ceramic marble factory people's example,

JianJingJie, national certified safety engineer!
in 2003 to join the marble marble tile ceramic factory production base, thirteen years like one day

insisting on the tenet of & safety first, energy conservation and emissions reduction,
in order to strengthen the management of enterprise safety production management, energy conservation and emissions reduction work!

he led technology backbone study diligently study,
sound scientific management and perfect equipment,
to carry out the scientific and technological innovation, to ensure normal operation of the entire company equipment;

he actively promote clean production management,
suggest and implement cleaner production, energy conservation and emissions reduction plan part 33;
to promote energy conservation and emissions reduction and the advanced experience of saving energy and reducing consumption,
to strengthen environmental management, strictly control the pollutant total amount!

this is just one of the marble ceramic factory,
it also or a microcosm of tens of millions of workers.
they or industry pioneer/example,
the faith of BMSC, strives for perfection the spirit &,
made an important contribution to social development.
leading enterprise development orientation, greatly improve enterprise economic benefits.
they favorite laborers in our side!
salute every laborer around!

marble ceramic factories with the intravenous drip to control quality, spirit of inheritance and originality.
as the voice of marble tile & name brand,
marble marble tiles & ceramic factory O2O unified national price comprehensive online
5. 1 fight for quality!

marble marble tiles to jingdong ceramic factory shall adopt a unified national price & O2O after effect
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