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Grey marble marble tile ceramic factory: Italy m, the poetry into your life and space!

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
This is a world looks the same.

home, school, company, shopping & hellip; …

no matter which city, which went to the corner,

all the buildings and the space are all the same

& hellip; …

but, nature and civilization, can let you find everything new and fresh forever!

Italy, it is difficult to forget the beauty of the

the middle of the 14th century to the 17th century,

a affect the European ideological culture movement,

rise from city to city in Italy.

it has opened the prologue of modern European history,

and go down in history.

the bright pearl of western civilization

as the birthplace of Renaissance,

Italy made poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture, music, prominent achievements,

more Dante, petrarch, Raphael,

Michelangelo, leonardo Da Vinci and other important people,

lays the foundation for the rise of civilization in Italy.


however, the bright pearl of western culture,

gave birth to more than ten million years of culture,

with historical massiness and precipitation in ten million,

Italy stone also sought after by all powerful celebrities.

and Italian rice gray reveal some girls youth,

in which it becomes very give prize.


marble marble tiles - ceramic factory Italian rice gray

rice white brick surface texture of scattered like a landscape painting,

is like one hundred million beautiful stone JiYun.

and have heavy texture,

long and beautiful artistic conception.

reveal master elegant, refined personality.

the stone reiki carrying hundreds of millions of years.

living history and thickness of skin texture,

just like a picture of a dust awe-inspiring ink painting,

both use small area and large area of the shop is stuck,

all space can bring excellent decorative effect and profound artistic conception.


no ridge snow,

the beautiful mix of white and grey,

sending out the passat extremely a knight of calm, resolute and piety.

Italian rice gray with white at the bottom,

the shade depth on the distribution of different gray,

texture like one thousand deposition of stone texture,

has along history.


as well as the bone immortal wind painter,

impromptu Chinese landscape painting, picking up

the walls light grey twill especially like a splash down upon a waterfall,

a rumbling noise, spray 4 splash, water droplets float in the sky.

space appreciation

& ndash; Live in the poetic & ndash;


the sitting room is the collision of traditional and modern bedroom style,

m grey Italy's unique poetic feeling,

and does not have modern furniture lets a space style is elegant and simple,

colour is pure and fresh and elegant,

strong flavor long,

keep the tone of contracted quaint,

give a person with the cool and refreshing feeling on the vision.


restaurant will be Italy m grey cloud grey clever union with dream,

composed yet empty spirit.

will be woven into the life from the view of modern classical elements,

fully embodies the spirit of Chinese traditional aesthetics,

send out also the beauty of the level of the ancient and modem.


this space is designers considered,

and innovation spark collision it is concluded that the extension of the original design and train of thought.

close to the color of furniture,

with compact model with unique details,

let a space feel more fashionable.

new carol ash with Italy m grey clever collocation,

create a unique artistic conception for the space.

with a touch of poetry,

with a hint of temperature,

in touch with the years.

every piece of Italian rice ash is bearing the weight of the memory of nature with time. Like you,

after wind and rain is a pure nature.

tasted the bitter and the sweet in life,

through ups and downs,

still search the authenticity of life.
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