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glass tiles and its types

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-04
For centuries, glass has been a characteristic material for decoration and expression of buildings in Mosaic Media.
Glass bricks are basically pieces of glass that form a consistent shape.
Glass mosaic tiles are suitable for both internal and external applications as they are not affected by frost, sunlight and water.
This quality makes it the most suitable for wet or constantly submerged areas.
They are easy to clean, maintain and do not change color.
Glass bricks have different applications in the black slash of painting
Room, restaurant, kitchen, bathtub-guest roomroom etc. . .
They are also used to highlight certain features.
The use of the spotlight has increased further.
Although the installation of glass tiles is complicated, the benefits and beauty make us see clearly.
The production method determines the appearance and feeling of glass tiles.
According to the method of making glass tiles, there are four main types of glass tiles.
They are smalti, melting, sintering and casting.
In addition, there are two other excellent glass surface treatments for these tiles: sliding and etching.
Smalti tile is an opaque glass tile.
It has been used since ancient times.
\"Smalti\" is an Italian word referring to a glass paste.
Smalti is made of color by mixing the molten glass with the metal oxide.
Translucent Smalti is a popular variant of smalti glass bricks.
It looks like a color glass with uniform colors.
Byzantine court glass is another smalti variant made of thinner glass.
Metal Smalti is a vortex of copper
Add minerals to the melted glass before it is pressed.
Gold Smalti is made by applying gold foil and a thin layer of blown glass.
Manufacture of molten tiles using a melting method.
In this type, the flat glass is cut into a tile shape and then fired in a furnace.
The transparent glass displays the tiles until they are treated in color.
In this method, the color is added to the top or bottom of the glass.
The molten glass brick is characterized by a translucent area and an opaque color layer visible through the tile.
For aesthetic or wear, these tiles are further treated with etching or other coatings.
The sintering tile is a variety of tiles made by pressing the glass powder into a mold and then heating until the particles are melted.
The color can be added to the powder, or it can be added locally after cooling.
Unlike smalti tiles, the appearance of the sintering tiles is often uniform.
This milky white scratch
The resistance finish makes it versatile.
The cast tile is made by inserting the glass block into the mold, which has a layered appearance.
Most recycled glass tile products are made using this method, which makes it environment-friendly.
All of these variants can be treated as recession and etching.
During the ignition, the tilted glasses are bent into a convex and concave shape.
Etching glass is a process of applying film
Translucent layer on the surface of the tile.
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