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glass mosaics - the artistic science of illuminating tiles!

by:Afaithstone     2020-02-29
In society, people\'s food, clothing, housing and transportation are the most basic needs.
Once the basic expectations are met, however, humanity will take a step forward in the search for better food, better clothes and attractive accommodation.
The theory continues and goes beyond several circles of expectation;
According to the social status of individuals, they constantly reshape themselves, but find that this is a never-ending process.
If a stylish home can make a style statement by itself, the art and science of flooring and wall tiles provide you with the perfect blend.
Glass mosaic is an innovative, equally interesting creation that impresses people with an impressive look and adds value to the house with its precious features. Feature-
In most tile materials, glass mosaic tiles have the highest reflective performance.
Radiation reflection increases lighting on adjacent surfaces.
This makes the glass mosaic the perfect choice for the wall opposite the window.
In addition, the glass mosaic does not absorb water as a wall brick;
Make them ideal for wall tiles around the kitchen, bathroom and washbasin area.
Aesthetically, glass mosaics can have any shape, design, or appearance.
For example, using a mosaic can easily create an image or impression of a statue.
The image is copied on the wall according to a specific pattern, just like the elements of the jigsaw puzzle.
Then assemble the tile structure on the wall (
Sometimes on the floor)
Complete the image on the wall.
Traditionally, Mosaic has a long history to support their cause.
Ancient Roman cathedral, ancient temples, churches, mosques, huge buildings from the Yester era, there are many examples of mosaics enough to prove that human contact with decorative mosaics can be traced back to a long time ago
Bright colors give vitality and vitality to the human mind is one of the main reasons for using these gorgeous mosaics in several key locations.
The combination of colors to form a specific pattern is one of the most common patterns of glass mosaics.
The edges deliberately become sharper to produce lighting effects along the edges.
The cleaning and maintenance of these mosaics is relatively easy.
The surface area of the mosaic is naturally reflected, the outer edge is smoother, and there will be no dust or dirt particles on the surface.
Therefore, it becomes easier to wipe unwanted particles with a simple brush or a soft cloth.
The installation of the mosaic is a simple plan.
At the back end, the mosaic follows a uniform grid, allowing the mosaic to be slotted in equal half.
In addition, the ability to disassemble and assemble the final tile enables the designer to print out any shape, design, picture or vector according to preference without affecting the actual execution of the idea.
The decorated glass mosaic structure makes the building of the house look royal.
Researchers have shown that bright shades have a deep relationship with the positive aspects of human personality.
Children, in particular, are vulnerable to lack or abundance of lighting.
The science of glass mosaics has evolved over time.
Focused research efforts channel through the ideal combination of glass mosaics to help positive aspects of human psychology and to incorporate it into the flooring and wall brick industries.
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