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glass mosaic art

by:Afaithstone     2020-03-01
Glass mosaic art has been used in ancient Egypt for thousands of years and was originally used in palaces and tombs.
The Egyptians were the first to discover the versatility of the glass, and later learned not only to decorate their jewelry with it, but also to decorate their ships with it.
Over time, the art of glass mosaic has become a booming industry.
It spans centuries and is still widely used today.
It\'s easier to create glass mosaic art than it looks.
Need some supplies: glass, pattern, glass cutter, hammer, pliers, safety goggles, tile cutter, transparent silicone glue and tile grouting or cement in various colors.
These things are easy to find, and the whole price can be less than $50.
Design: you can use it for free
You can do it yourself, buy from hobby stores, or download it for free on many websites.
From geometric and floral design to abstract art, the concept of patterns is infinite.
Glass: While many specialty stores and websites sell mosaic glass, there is no need to purchase new glass or specific glass.
All forms of glass are useful, including old glass plates in cabinets, or glass plates found in thrift stores or yard sales.
Tools: Although there are different types of glass cutting machines in the specialty store, this tool and other supplies can be purchased from the hardware store.
Simple project: kitchen tailgate!
There are a lot of simple ideas for the glass mosaic project for beginners.
A popular project is the kitchen tailgate, a simple and inexpensive project that will personalize your kitchen and make it look more modern.
It will also show your talent!
The first step is to accurately measure the area of the tailgate to be covered.
You then have to purchase the back panel and cut it based on the measurement results while taking note of the power outlet.
Before sticking the glass sheet to the back plate, please check to make sure the back plate fits exactly in the area as it sticks to the wall when it is finished.
In order to accurately cut the glass into the desired shape, the oil glass cutter and the metal ruler are the preferred tools to ensure accuracy.
Before starting your glass mosaic artwork, you may want to practice by cutting the old plates.
When all your glass pieces are ready, put the pre-
According to your pattern, cut the backing plates on the floor and arrange them on the board.
Don\'t forget to leave gaps between each piece to fill in the grouting.
Once all the parts are in place, start gluing each part to the board.
Apply enough glue to cover the back of the whole piece, but it doesn\'t come out from the side when you press the glass.
Let your glass mosaic art dry for 24 hours when the task is completed.
Now, you can apply the mud on it and have it set for about 10 minutes before removing the excess with a cloth.
Before applying the finished product directly to the wall, let the grouting dry thoroughly.
Sit down and admire the art of your glass mosaic!
Next item: desktop!
Another simple glass mosaic art project is the desktop;
Both indoors and outdoors, it will be the main topic to talk about.
This method is similar to the method of splashing behind the kitchen, except that the desktop is used as a back panel.
Choose any table you want to decorate, clean its surface and stick the glass sheet directly to it.
After that, follow the instructions of the tailgate.
Glass mosaic art can be created on a variety of different surfaces: wood, cement, tiles, plaster, felt, pottery, and even glass.
Common items include a table top, gorgeous sidewalks, vases and a wide variety of wall decorations.
The glass mosaic project is an artistic creation that, like all other forms of art, should be a product of the artist\'s imagination.
Although the process may be simple, safety goggles are always worn when using glass, cutting tools and chemicals.
In addition, if an accident occurs, there is a first aid kit at hand.
Remember the basics of safety and enjoy your hobbies!
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