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give a perfect finish to the wall

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
The beauty of interior decoration is not only defined by the floor or existing furniture.
The finish on the wall has the same relationship with the language of the space.
Stone or bare concrete walls give the interior an original rustic feel, while bare brick walls give the interior a taste of dirt.
Wall wallpaper with artistic patterns and bright colors will also change the environment.
Changing the language and bringing this aesthetics into space through different walls is a variety of tile options available, replacing the natural material that would have been used in many cases.
Whether it\'s imitating exposed concrete walls, exposed brick walls, changing wallpaper, introducing artistic distortions, or as a highlight of the decoration, in addition to providing a custom solution that meets a specific tilt, the tile options available also meet all requirements. Thus, a cement-
Finished tiles are the solution that requires bare concrete walls, providing the perfect finish for the walls.
You can create a bare brick wall by selecting a tile with a brick face.
This is also the case if wood finishes are required.
Kavita Sastry, architect at KS Designs, said, \"these tile solutions become particularly relevant in the interior that has completed the structure and still needs this finish on the wall.
\"What is more attractive is the real copy of the material in the tile finish. A sandstone-
The finished tile copies the grain and texture of the sandstone so accurately that it is difficult to decipher the tile elements.
Similarly, whether it\'s marble, wood, or concrete, the particles and textures are captured and copied so finely that these tiles are a more popular one than the actual material they simulateSays Shambu G.
Chhabria, general manager of Chhabria tiles, said, \"as early as in their 80 s, wall tiles had only smooth finishes and a size of 4x4 inch.
Currently available wall brick solutions are as wide as floor tiles, and even 4 feet by 2 feet of the same large pieces if needed, making it easy to lay the tiles.
All varieties, solutions, finishes popular in floor tiles are also available in wall tiles.
Gunjan Das, architect at NG Associates, said, \"The biggest advantage of using tiles instead of natural materials is the ease of laying.
Due to the light weight and uniform size, it is much easier to wrap them on the wall compared to the cladding natural stone.
They are thinner than natural stone, which has its advantage because the walls will not be very thick in the end.
The thickness of the wall after the cladding is sure to have an impact on the space, especially if the area used for the cladding is small.
\"Multiple options to highlight a wall with a stone or brick finish in the living room or dining area, or choose a tile with an artistic pattern, or cover an entire wall with the desired finish, instead of using wallpaper with its own shortcomings, Gunjan believes that the various wall tiles currently available make it impossible for people to choose from.
\"Even the headboard can now be made with wood and leather finish tiles.
\"Choose the right tile solution based on the decoration and the required materials, not the traditional headboard,\" she added . \".
\"Given their different finishes and art patterns, as well as amazing mosaics, these tiles can also be used to cover stair pedals, bar counters, as the background of the bar, as a highlight wall on the TV, reception and even kitchen counter.
\"These tiles are not only at the top of the list in terms of the vitality of finishes and required colors, their true reproduction of natural materials, and the advantages of easy maintenance, this makes them a highly sought after option on the wall cladding.
Sastry agrees, \"There are a lot of options in the tile solution, and custom printing can bring personality and design.
There\'s a mirror-
Finished tiles that can be used on the wall, especially the bathroom.
When used as decorative elements on coffee tables and tables, some gorgeous tiles are great.
\"Considering the old world charm that the antique decoration style exudes in the space, this style is very popular.
This is a series of printed antiques-
Complete the wall tiles that bring beauty and happiness-
Wear and tear look with decoration.
\"Also popular is the mother of a series of glass tiles, wood mosaic tiles and pearl tiles, all of which are used, among other things, in different parts of the Interior to evoke the language people want \", sastry added.
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