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Get ready! Marble marble tile ceramic factory store preparations in place across the country, 11 to greet guests

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Decorate the effect of high quality, has always been a marble marble tile the pursuit of the ultimate goal of ceramic factory.

in May this year, pottery foshan, marble marble tile ceramic factory like marble design collocation Mr Budri gentleman ( His masterpiece is the ABU dhabi grand mosque) And a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the exclusive design custom experts, stone artist wang teacher, gives prize for national & marble ceramic factory manager, consultant on household & marble application how to design together. At the same time, the famous marble marble tile ceramic factory headquarters to the design of the application software companies targeted development marble tile & marble ceramic factory design collocation and application course, let the marble ceramic factory people participate in the study, design the service level of ascension. After six months of continuous learning and practice, marble marble tile ceramic factory has for the national more than 100000 sets of villas, high-end villa design services, such as family users got old and new user recognition and praise!

in September this year, the marble marble tile ceramic factory takes & users thinking, first introduced the marble tile & ready effect & concept, choose marble tile, marble as ceramic factory! At major airports, high-speed rail, and anti-aircraft gun, the building materials market, high-end residential area, the national stores, etc on the brand advertising, and brings together live all over the country to decorate effect; Now the brilliant ceramic marble factory & have finished preparation, confidence one hundred times to greet the guests.
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