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Focus on the future, the kindergarten children with marble ceramic factory marble tile at a time intimate contact

by:Afaithstone     2021-01-18
Have such a group of people,

they are on the road for more than half of the year,

they traveled extensively, lived all over the business hotel,

through all building materials market, sha county eat your country.

they collectively & ceramics.

it is often said that must be one of the world's most hard & parents occupation,

this is one of the most need time and energy to career,

but & ceramic people have too much time and energy to the industry,

they traveled alone in the front,

in business hotel window until midnight,

just empty talk time with his family.

as the descendants of ceramic,

their understanding of the work of parents are much rarer.

they only know that mom and dad to their life,

are trying to travel.

so, in order to more close to each other,

in order to make better & I understand & you

on December 27,

emperor scene blue bay kindergarten children,

marble tile and marble ceramic factory had an intimate contact & hellip; …

on the morning of December 17, by emperor blue bay scene in kindergarten and marble marble tile ceramic factory jointly organized by & I and the intimate contact of ceramics as the theme of outdoor promotional activities in a marble marble tile ceramic factory marketing centers. In a talent show and exhibition hall after the visit, the children for marble marble tile ceramic factory employees on greeting CARDS and blessing, for winter warmth and happiness.

bring my intimate contact event and ceramic film

marble marble tile ceramic factory insist & people-oriented corporate culture, to do more humanistic care brand of marble tiles. Along the way, marble, marble tile ceramic factory adhere to the scientific and technological innovation, to environmental health of marble tile care for the children's physical and mental health, and 33 & deg; Soft light marble tile soft stone light feeling more powerful eye, take care to the ground, only to give children to create a healthy growth of the living environment.

bring emperor blue bay scene kindergarten children and live a

through this activity, not only increase the children's life experience, exercise the child's vision, courage and performance ability, which makes the children on the side the most familiar ceramic industry, have a deeper understanding of their parents work, by the parents and the children's love and praise.

children are the future of our motherland, in the days that followed, marble, ceramic factories will continue to spare no effort, for the majority of users to provide more healthy environmental protection high quality ceramic tile, marble and marble marble tile ceramic factory brand will continue to carry forward the humanistic care, the more love to every household, because we believe that you and your family life is better!

bring children for marble marble tile ceramic factory employees send greeting and best wishes
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