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floor it with tiles

by:Afaithstone     2020-10-11
Forming an exotic floor ten years ago always meant high contact
Natural stone varieties or expensive hard wood options.
Basically, it talks about the huge budget of wealth and indulgence.
Completely different from the current scene.
A variety of exquisite, incredible tile varieties replicate such authentic natural stone, hardwood floors, and beyond that, the choice of flooring has never been so extensive.
A semi-natural stone?
Precious stone mosaics, rare varieties of hardwood floors, antique handmade Spanish tiles, Moroccan prints or custom options, the range offered by ceramic and glazed bricks can only be imagined and conceptualized.
While the variety is amazing and makes their choice a daunting task, the tile also makes the laying process and post-maintenance much easier than the natural variety provides.
Replace natural stoneSays shanbuke.
Chhabria, general manager of Chhabria tiles, said, \"Ceramic and glazed tiles have successfully replaced natural stones such as marble, granite and hardwood floors.
The tiles have a range of options that provide a true copy of the grain, the feel of the natural material.
More attractive is the range of finishes available, which are not available in natural materials.
In addition, these tiles are different from before, and now there are large size tiles such as 4 feet by 6 feet and 4 feet by 8 feet, which are very similar to natural stone.
\"While these tiles are easier to lay and require much less skill and time, they are cost-effective and within a smaller budget,\" he said.
\"Lay natural stone on 1000 square feet of land.
\"Ft space takes 15 days while these tiles only take two to three days,\" explains Chhabria . \".
\"They are also light in weight and maintenance --
Free, friendly detergent.
The range of each part, whether it is marble, granite or wood, is huge, which is unmatched by natural materials.
The finishes offered, such as rustic, matte, leather, lapato, and sugar, are equally varied to suit a wide variety of tastes of individual customers.
Gunjan Das, architect at NG Associates, added: \"Given the consistency of the size and thickness of these tiles, there is no waste when laying, and there is much less waste when laying.
\"Considering the true reproduction of natural materials, whether wood or stone in finishes, textures, particles, it makes sense to choose an updated version of ceramic and glazed bricks because they have a cost advantage, maintenance is easier and there are more options and finishes to choose from, \"she said.
The range also includes fine mosaic tiles embedded in a semi-circular shape
Hand-made tiles for gems and antique art are perfectly copied, says Gunjan Das.
She added that in the natural hardwood floors, a wide variety of patterns, such as wooden strips, wooden boards, herringbone, are really reproduced in these tiles.
Chhabria said, \"Moroccan tiles are in high demand for their art and charming patterns.
The terrazzo series of tiles is another highly sought after set.
These duplicate the old mosaic tiles while having the feeling of granite, matte and rustic decor.
\"Green with exotic patterns, indicating that the tiles currently available have moved away from the earlier common varieties, and now offer exotic patterns that replicate natural materials, akshay Heranjal, an architect at the purple ink studio, said, \"This is also a greener option because it prevents erosion of natural resources, which is running out rapidly.
Heranjal further added that this shows that these tiles are easy to lay and easy to maintain, \"the tiles are not limited to the real reproduction of natural stone or hardwood floors, plus their range of spectacular finishes, they also offer a number of hand-made options
Exclusive and expensive printed tiles like natural stone varieties.
\"The colors, exquisite patterns and finishes provided by these tiles also exceed the natural effects obtained from natural stone, and these designs go beyond reproduction,\" he said \".
Ceramic and glazed bricks can not only replicate natural stone, hardwood floors, mosaic tiles or artistic patterns, but also copy the country concrete that is currently popular.
\"Cracks will occur when laying concrete, and the finish may not be right.
However, the cement bricks currently available are perfectly replicated concrete, and given the size of these tiles are large, they offer a seamless feel similar to the actual concrete without defects.
\"The end result is a spectacular end on the floor,\" says Heranjal . \".
While there are many options for providing the look and feel of the required materials for a luxurious floor, the factors that ultimately determine the correct choice depend on the volume, theme or choice of decoration of the space that needs to be laid, the functionality of the space and how it blends with the decoration of the rest of the interior.
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